Lieutenant General John Frewen attends Australia's COVID-19 war game meeting | 7NEWS -

Lieutenant General John Frewen attends Australia’s COVID-19 war game meeting | 7NEWS

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The military commander in charge of Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout insists aged care workers remain a priority.

Only one in three aged care staff have been vaccinated despite becoming eligible in the first phase of the program, which started in late February.

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  1. 13:54 “jabbed into arms”. I am so sick of the way these evil doers speak. They are sick, evil people.

  2. Treasonous scum, but who will hold them accountable for this crime against humanity?

  3. Why is this "war" ~ how insanely inappropriate!

  4. "informed consent" this is the crucial point! An experimental vaccine so therefore needs your consent.

  5. Resonates highly of Nineteen Eighty-four & A Brave New World feels…

  6. Why did none of them asked if they forecast this roll-out becoming a mandatory vaccination for all Australian citizens?
    Journalists being fed the questions they CAN ask perhaps?

  7. When will the government realise Australians be different our people won't be controlled this easy

  8. The Military now Puppets of big Pharmaceutical Companies. Profits above reason. $$$$$

  9. So how can they change policy around work vaccination when it's clearly against human rights and it's an outright discrimination? What about informed consent, especially considering that there are no vaccine inserts, how is it even considered to be fully informed when noone even knows what's in the jabs?

  10. Yeh mate nah, we don’t really want you taking your focus off Australians enemies to play war games against us thanks. Mr Morrison this is way out of order.

  11. Don’t be knocking on my fucking door with your Graphene oxide shot!!!
    It won’t end well for all…

  12. Imagine if the army went around feeding the homeless and the hungry but no who care lets get everybody to take a vaccine thats not FDA approved

  13. You are sworn to protect the public what a sellout

  14. Why care workers have to be prioriti for vaccination. priority have to be military and police. Police and military do hard job in this dangerous, deadly time for all Australia. Police and military have to be protected by vaccine from this deadly virus. Probably by 2 vaccine and for full protection 1 more buster vaccine.

  15. Why jab a virus that hasn’t been clinically isolated? Find real military work elsewhere!

  16. What the actual F!!! This is a crime against humanity!!!

  17. This is about altering humans so you have no human rights. A highjacking of humanity

  18. The minute you try to force the gene therapy shot on us, the public will riot and you will go to jail. Your day is coming

  19. It must be all about control after seeing this!

  20. Hey army dude stick your poison up your …. Not having it EVER!

  21. Interesting title! 'War game'! You are fools, and will discarded as useless eaters at some point in the game!

  22. Get those shots out before the ones already have die.

  23. The "war" is the New World Order military vs. the human citizens of earth.

  24. Graphenizaton of the human beings (treatment by Graphene oxide in the vaccines) carried out by non-humans in human bodies.

  25. The military commander in charge of Australia is an fraud speaker

  26. Why did you delete your very own government details ? That I posted ? You are telling lies to the worlds public!

  27. War game lol wtf that says it all it’s a game or a lie

  28. The army is declaring war against their own people with an experimental gene therapy

  29. How come politicians and military talking about health?????

  30. Why are people fearing their own military? Has their previous work never reflected that they normally step in when it comes to humanitarian work? This has always been the nature of AU & NZ military. Also I believe some people are taking the meaning of War Game and using it in its most negative form, when it also means that they use their resources with strategies and no actual combat. Sometimes I feel that we are creating our own fear and thus creating an unsteady feeling amongst one another. The best way to get through this together is to be compassionate towards one another regardless of how we choose to stand with the people in power because no matter what happens there is always going to be someone in power. There could be worse than what we already have. Instead of calling people “sheep” or “conspiracists”, we should be people who are in “agreement” or “disagreement” or “unsure” and we shouldn’t be turning on each other at these times. A simple thing as a mask is as far as I would expect anyone to go – maybe a test if needed. However I think we choose what we want to do with our own bodies. Our main focus is it keep that choice In the limelight – not calling each other out. Making sure that our basic human rights to our own bodies is never taken away. And that is where we should be uniting together. That should be our focus. Everything that is always said, there’s always another way to look at things – it’s almost like comparing a religious person with a non believer and trying to guess who is telling the truth because in all honesty, only time will tell. We cannot predict the future. But we can at least remain sane with one another.

  31. Australian forces going against the people. Just like the Cuban military attacking it's own people. We really have to stop, this right now. You are not to dictate us. 😡

  32. Army, airforce and navy, do something better like cleaning up our polluted Australia, do something really useful.
    Leave us be!!!
    You are a disgrace to the men and women who fought in the past.
    No ANZAC DAY next year boycott it, in discuss 🤮 to this.

  33. All of you have sold your souls for $$$. You people in charge are evil. We do not need the army or anyone to take the vaccine WE SIMPLY DON'T TRUST YOU!!!!!!

  34. This must a bloody joke. They will be turning up at our doors with a jab and a gun next. We have to stand up for our human right.

  35. The world says no to the POISONOUS vaccines!
    cv is an evil satanic agenda! 😈

  36. War game….what a fucken joke. Focus on preparation of war with China you muppet.

  37. Has this guy gotta a degree in virology? Umm yehh i thought this was a disease …ohh lol

  38. The Great Aussie Vaccination Plan War Game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lieutenant General John Frewen attends Australia's COVID-19 war game meeting | 7NEWS

  39. This is unlawful and completely unacceptable. This goes against the Nuremberg Code. We are at war.

  40. Australia no longer the lucky country. Rather the corrupt country..

  41. I dont understand why we are listening to the army about medical advice?

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