Lightsabers *ONLY in Fortnite (Star Wars Challenge) K-CITY GAMING -

Lightsabers *ONLY in Fortnite (Star Wars Challenge) K-CITY GAMING

K-City Gaming
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Lightsabers ONLY in Fortnite (Star Wars Challenge) K-CITY GAMING – If you enjoyed this video, watch more here:
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  1. Personally my favorite lightsaber is kylo rens because my favorite color is red

  2. I love your video since you did the Spider-Man challenge😍👍I hope you have a good day

  3. how do you do yeah I Sara with no gun challenge no only

  4. You’re Fortnite Videos always put me in a good mood because I love the game ( and I’m good at it)😃😃😄

  5. I love your vlogs i will love to play together to
    And my name is evan

  6. My Kids it is me again from the other comments I’m your favorite and this is the second time is that I’m coming up today for a play Fortnite too but I need you guys I subscribe to your channel and that’s all to you later

  7. Hi I have been watching you guys for five years 😃😃😃

  8. I love your Videos and they make me Laugh.

  9. I love your videos my name is Kannon I watch them because I’m thousand and Lil flash look so funny

  10. You gise are so cool and I play fortnight to

  11. i have wachted you guys scince your old royal rumble vid

  12. i love your guys's vids and also k-city dad i love your fortnite star wars skin choise because thats the skin i chose # kylo ren

  13. I’ve been watching you since I was 4 and now I am 9

  14. Good job Ava playing Fortnite good job Becca good job daddy good job mom city

  15. I watching in season 3 but no rey and zori are good

  16. Chronobiological sedrtdrtrtddtdfftfyfggyh

  17. CF and a ap and a ap and a ap and a ap and a ap and a ap and ghost

  18. Good job at playing Fortnite you’re better than I am

  19. Hi kid city I am Kyle kid boy this is my phone and just except my moms but it is mine so Ava did not lose her sure

  20. my name king in my Xbox account you can friend me one day and then we can play Fortnite but I replaced from city I don’t like replace replace but like can you play the team and save your mom

  21. Ava using a normal gun and her dad said isnt a starwars gun ava like i dont care

  22. I love you becket my dad loves you momcity Ava good job on 5 elems

  23. I hope y'all win to get a crown when because I usually have a crown when playing with my I know what to play with my dad now when the first time I played I got a clown went by myself

  24. Maces wandus aka maces windus hahahhaha

  25. Good morning y'all make my day and y'all are so sweet good fortnite seasons and and you'll make my day whenever I watch you guys thank you for leaving all of this fortnite season in Roblox love Dominic

  26. Hey kidcity y'all y'all are the best fortnite players I have ever saw if y'all want to play with me on Roblox then join me on Roblox gee she won DC One thank you for leaving all these comments love Dominic

  27. L like kid city they are my favorite YouTuber

  28. The mom was literally like the horriblest player she couldn't even turn around

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