Lucasfilm Star Wars Games Sizzle - Official Trailer -

Lucasfilm Star Wars Games Sizzle – Official Trailer

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Lucasfilm Games is gearing up for a new era of Star Wars games and storytelling, here’s their sizzle reel celebrating their rich legacy!


  1. Fire Kathleen Kennedy!!!!! I’m never coming back otherwise! Bring back Gina!!!! She did nothing wrong

  2. Stupidest choice by EA

    Not releasing console versions of swtor on last gen and current gen consoles. The game would blow up and yes it is possible to port "bdo/ff14 are perfect examples" take my money already

  3. My disappointment with no revan game….

  4. Anything that takes advantage of my need to click on anything Revan in it automatically gets a downvote.

  5. Need some more swtor I've gotten foucking addicted but I'm not gonna end up like a wow player.

  6. We've been Tricked, we've been Backstabbed! and we've been quite possibly BAMBOOZLED!

  7. Its very telling how they put Revan on the thumbnail

  8. Only 5 of the games shown are actual Star Wars games, the rest are garbage mobile games and fortnite.

  9. Can't wait til they make "The Rock Navigator" simulator! Fly straight into planets with ease!

  10. Also does this mean Star wars the old republic is canon now???

  11. The absolute disrespect of baiting Revan on the thumbnail lol damn that's gonna get so many of us

  12. Literally what was the point of this video..

  13. It's too bad that they don't have the vader immortal vr game in this bundle that would have been sweet

  14. After letting your lizence be abused for years, by greedy corprates that try their hardes to get kids to be addicts to their products you really really do not deserve any "Look how great our games were" trailer.

  15. how they didnt include knights of the old republic it is one of the best star wars games ever

  16. is this a trailer for all the games they are dropping support for this week?

  17. Make a star wars game where your lightsaber one hits things as it should

  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the swtor one a very old one and shouldn't belong there

  19. Official trailer about what??? Official games that excist allready. Thanks for showing me the games I’ve played allready


  21. wait… so what was this for? games that already exsist?

  22. Hi I’m pretty new to all of this. But my question is… will Star Wars battlefront 2 still get updates in the future? Like a new 1 vs 1 hero mode or friendly battles or a new hero?

  23. "your lack of old republic content disturbs me"

  24. Rich legacy? They havent served us a game that was worthy of the licence since KOTOR. Thats celebrating mediocrity when it comes to such opportunities

  25. This video deserves dislikes for their wicked ways

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