Major Title Change At WWE Survivor Series: War Games -

Major Title Change At WWE Survivor Series: War Games

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All the fallout from WWE Survivor Series 2022!

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  1. For the love of god, please put some energy into your videos…..if you hate your job this bad just stop…’s impossible to watch you

  2. i might be in the minority here but im actually happy that Theory won the us championship. i think he needed the win the most out of the 3

  3. What a strip that Ac Milan top was.
    Even better in long sleeve

  4. A Young Tony Schiavone hosting on WhatCulture.

  5. This show was awesome only bad thing was that awful Rhonda shotzi match but everything else was pure 🔥🔥

  6. Im kinda expecting gargano vs theory for the us title now

  7. What is that on the shelf next to Michael Myers?

  8. Surviver Series was overhyped. A five match show is a letdown and Wargames had no place at Surviver Series. If you're going to do it give it its own PPV

  9. I’m so ready for the Sami Cody final 2 for the rumble

  10. Michael mentioned Tegan by name when discussing Dakota's WG history, which surprised me. I actually thought she'd be saving Shotzi from Ronda and Shayna, giving their match a reason to exist on a Big Four PLE, but not to be. Triple H needs to get people on helping with her Visa, because it's righting the worst of his father-in-law's bullshit; canning people who would then potentially be kicked out of the country they moved to to take that job…

  11. Tegan Knox sucks. She's injureed proned as well as the Marty Jannety of Woman's WWE

  12. So stupid to bring weapons into a cage match.
    Survivor Series > WarGames

  13. Gives you an idea how well Triple H has handled the mid card titles. The US and Intercontinental titles are referred to as major titles.

  14. "We've seen the change in Theory in the last few weeks…" Weeks… Not months, not year. Theory hasn't earned anything and yet he's being handed everything. Proof that the ghost of Vince McMahon still haunts WWE.

  15. War games doesn't have to involve one feud with 10 people, it could be 5 split feuds, 3 feuds, old rivals brought back, legends brought in after being retired by participants etc.

  16. FTR is still over in my opinion. Tony Khan just doesnt have the experience or space to manage such a bloated roster.

  17. Finally, a solo Sunday video without Marc Sollod!

  18. Title would work better if you didn't spoil the result in the thumbnail you eegits.

  19. What I don't understand why they didn't have theory successfully cash in money in the bank if they were going to give him the us title anyway I don't understand.

  20. Great US title match
    Bloodline should’ve loss though, they even winning without the belts on the line 😭😭😭😭

  21. While war games would need 10 competitors, it wouldn't need 5 feuding with 5, much like survivor series they teamed up people that were feuding with other people and put em against each other.

  22. Wait…he failed to cash in the MITB briefcase to win the US Title to fluke his way into winning it?
    Someone please make this make sense!

  23. Ftr is overrated. Boring characters and matches are not fun to watch. Too slow and move set trash. Acclaimed are fun to watch with promos.

  24. He looks like the love child of Tony Schiavone and Vince Russo 😆 🤣 😂

  25. No hate for The Acclaimed, but it's preposterous FTR is being mishandled so severely.

  26. Rambling man… this guy could talk your ear off

  27. They did a good job with Theory, I hated that guy with a passion now I keep pushing for him to win. Once he lost the clown attitude and stupid goatee he was golden.

  28. We went from the US title meaning nothing…to it meaning a lot. Thanks Paul! Really getting it done!

  29. They need to separate it from survivor series and war game and keep survivor series the traditional elimination matches

  30. Seth vs Roman round 2 at the royal rumble I’m all for it

  31. Overall Survivor Series WarGames was a great show. This is how you do major PPV with out a bloated card of unneeded matches. Really the only match that didn't even belong on the card was the Ronda/Shotzi match. I also I'm fine with Theory winning the US title, the match between him, Lashley, and Seth was an all-time great. I do feel the wrong teams won both Wargame matches but I can forgive the Men's match more because of the Storytelling. The women's match was good but now I feel Damage CTRL is pretty much dead after yet another lose.

  32. The Ronda vs Shotzi match was more suited for the kickoff show instead of the main show in my opinion but I enjoyed the rest of the matches. Now I'm looking forward to seeing where things go heading into next year's Royal Rumble.

  33. Where are those who were shouting BURIED BURIED BURIED for Theory?

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