Making a Trench Warfare Table for Warhammer and Historical games -

Making a Trench Warfare Table for Warhammer and Historical games

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In this video I am making a realistic trench table for tabletop wargames. Based on historical records of world war 1, I go in depth into the features of common trenches and how to build them using inexpensive materials at home. Its a fun DIY project if you are into Warhammer, Bolt Action, Horus Heresy or any other game that could conceivably take place on a trench warfare battlefield.

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Corrugated Paper Sheets 8.5”x11”

Bamboo Skewers

Army Painter Razor Wire

Acrylic Latex Caulk

Powdered Grout

Aluminum foil

Insulation foam (NOTE: this is cheaper and in bigger sheets at Home Depot)

Coffee Stir sticks

Expanded PVC Board sheets

Gorilla Glue Construction Adhesive

Paasche Airbrush

Paasche Airbrush Compressor

I get a commission from the amazon affiliate link, but they cost the same to you.


  1. What kind of foam did you use? Can't really find the exact type.

  2. So cool 👍 is like Netflix called all quiet at the western front

  3. Fortified hill/mg nest at the center of table would be nice devider to give some LOS-cover.

  4. This video is the definition of war is hell vs. War is hell

  5. I agree with you also I am planning to make a gaming board

  6. In 9/11 the twin towers got wrecked
    In to

  7. I'm always annoyed by people who had skills and do badly with it…This trench doesn't look like a WWI trench, at all. Open a book, where do you see waved metal sheet or manufactured wood board to put on trench walls ? Those "noble" materials were not used for such futile use.The barbewire are not on "Chevaux de Frise" they are on metal pikes. This huge element can't be build and moved into a trench, it's fragile and can't stand a week on the WWI battlefield.Good for Warhammer or imaginary universe, no sense for WWI.I do not deny your skills, your touch is very inspirating.

  8. Fun historical fact, there's been no such thing as tin foil for almost 80 years.

  9. Fun fact: that supremacy 1914 game that you promoted, is not realistic at all as the British MK5 is shown, and tanks let alone the MK5, weren’t even invented yet… very realistic

  10. Сначала нравился хаос и тема с демоном, но повзраслев , решил перейти в гвардию

  11. 15:38 but razor wire is different from barb wire people get them so confused but one is barbs (yeah they ain’t nice to get poked by but ain’t deadly and not that hard to get past razor wire on the other hand is sharp thin razors on a wire they will rip flesh and clothes and will grab onto you more than barb wire will

  12. Thanks for a great video and also thanks for that call out about war being hell. That was really cool.

  13. Я не понимаю английский, но смотрел с удовольствием

  14. Great build. And also agree, the only place war should have in this world is on the tabletop.

  15. This would be perfect for a lore accurate Vraks battle

  16. The numbers lost in WW1 is just rediculous and hard to actually imagine. Like the battle you mentioned had the entire population of a small city dead in no mans land.

  17. Look like guns up? Idk the uniform looks cool.

  18. So for some reason I always thought you lived off somewhere far from me and then I see you at the holy dollar store.

  19. Someone can help me to found the discorso server?

  20. 2 month's later no other videos of the table

  21. As a Canadian I have to agree trench warfare was brutal for soldiers in the front lines and we must remember who sacrifices will not be in vain regardless because age or how history repeats we as people learned about it and now we remember them as heroes for each country.

  22. Its the year 40.000 why are people still using military armor not scifi😭

  23. Great diorama! Only problem is that there were no 360° tops on WW1 tanks, except for the French FT Renault.

  24. Thanks for clarifying that you don’t want to glorify war. Also just great job making the trenches themselves!

  25. I absolutely loved it, the only tip I could give you is that if, as you mentioned, this battlefield is set deep into the war, then the trenches would be really messed up, and there would be less of the metal boards (they would have been destroyed, and the trenches were rarely maintained)

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