Making a Trench Warfare Table for Warhammer and Historical games -

Making a Trench Warfare Table for Warhammer and Historical games

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In this video I am making a realistic trench table for tabletop wargames. Based on historical records of world war 1, I go in depth into the features of common trenches and how to build them using inexpensive materials at home. Its a fun DIY project if you are into Warhammer, Bolt Action, Horus Heresy or any other game that could conceivably take place on a trench warfare battlefield.

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Corrugated Paper Sheets 8.5”x11”

Bamboo Skewers

Army Painter Razor Wire

Acrylic Latex Caulk

Powdered Grout

Aluminum foil

Insulation foam (NOTE: this is cheaper and in bigger sheets at Home Depot)

Coffee Stir sticks

Expanded PVC Board sheets

Gorilla Glue Construction Adhesive

Paasche Airbrush

Paasche Airbrush Compressor

I get a commission from the amazon affiliate link, but they cost the same to you.


  1. The most realistic moment of this video is when Eric tries to do the sandbags and realizes how labor intensive it is and doesn't want to do it anymore. As a former Soldier, I have been there, man, and I chuckled a little bit on the inside…

  2. love this table, cant wait to see it completed

  3. Def gonna try this method, my tables have seriously lacked verticality. You should add some cost estimates for stuff, like the insulating foam for the base or the razorwire

  4. Fantastic work. Looking forward to part two.

  5. Such a great video and I hope to see the sequels someday.

  6. How did you get the bamboo skewers to stay together? Im having a bit of trouble doing this.

  7. Man I'd love to make this for m vet guardsmen

  8. This board would be perfect for playing Krieg

  9. That board is phenomenal!!! It's easily one of the best I've seen in 40 years of miniature wargaming. 👏

  10. One amazing thing about Britain is that you can go to the smallest, most out of the way little village in the middle of nowhere, and there'll be a war memorial of all the young men from that village who died in the two world wars. Nowhere escaped it.

  11. This looks amazing! Very Helpful. My son is getting to the age where army men (or Marines" in my house lol) are playable. We have a sand table built but I want to do some boards like this.

  12. One of your best videos yet but it’s been a few months. Are you gonna do part two

  13. 6 months later still waiting for a part 2 and 3

  14. Because (seemingly) all the XPS foam is covered, could I do this with EVA foam floormats?

  15. Any plans, specifically a timeline, for parts 2 and 3?

  16. Amazing job!Excellent research and construction. The sad and cruelty of the war is well represented.I'm waiting for the parts 2 and 3.

  17. You van vollect horse dung or dog droppings and add it to your paint to give that vr smell effect. If your death guard player or slaanesh u could even use your own poo

  18. I really like your vids but the other parts takes so long

  19. Ah dude if the death korps werent so expensive to buy to make I'd just buy them already painted and made it be such easier

  20. When will their be Part 2? Because this video is good, but you haven’t made a update on this which is sad, because I wanted to see the second part to this.

  21. I found with my razor wire I did across the tusks of a chaos terminator based on the Retutn if the King creatures, what really sold the effect was wash wash on the wire, touches if rust, a little bit of blood and dangling cloth as seen in all quiet on western front as it looked as though it had been bitterly fought over already.

  22. This video was both informative and interesting.
    The only thing i hate with Warhammer figures are their big platforms they stand on.
    I would take them away and put some Tack it underneath their feet. Would look so much better.

  23. One misconception is that trench warfare is outdated, trench warfare is still very much real and effective because the best defense even today is being surrounded by the earth

  24. Excellent video! The mix of historical research and excellent craftsmanship earned you a sub my dude!

  25. Wow, nice job! Looks very authentic! Thank you for video!

  26. Is that silicone/latex stuff good for a board like this? Is it not very flexible like rubber?

  27. Excellent video, this is really good work. I'm looking forward to the next one.

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