Malvin & Jim -

Malvin & Jim

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WarGames Scene with Jim & Malvin


  1. Malvin: "The first game on the list! Go right through Falken's Maze"!
    Me: "Heh…I need White Urkel to tell me something like that"?
    Malvin: "The clue was in the NAME, you Jamaican-sounding god of death on a leash by 2 prepubescent mortals"!

  2. This movie changed my life… made me the nerd I am…. over 30 years later still going.

  3. This scene is a vivid example of cybersecurity threat, known as "Backdoors", on the CompTIA cybersecurity Sec+ certification exam in 2021!

  4. If only the real – life Eddie Deezen would listen as well, when people tell him that he's acting rudely and insensitive!

  5. 1983's Wargames
    Notice the first operation title that Jim reads off the list.
    Theater Wide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare = Pandemic and Chemtrails

  6. This is one of my favourite scenes in the whole movie!

  7. Whoever wrote this screenplay knew their nerds.

  8. Malvin and Jim, so hilarious. I’m honestly surprised that the studio that made WarGames didn’t try to spin these characters off into their own movie franchise or TV series.

  9. This along with all 80s movies, music, parties, and girls, was great ! What a fun time to be a teen !!!!!

  10. Too bad they didn't do a Jim & Melvin movie when they had the chance.

  11. I love how they just waltz into a data center.

  12. Malvin saved the world, actually…..He instructed Ferris Bueller to go through the first game on the list which lead him to find out Dr. Falken designed the system, etc. etc. and then the world was eventually saved from nuclear annihilation.

  13. Back when computer nerds were cool, now They're represented by a homicidal Bill Gates with revenge on his mind.

  14. The back door concept must be where cheats in computer games come from. I wonder how widely known those were back when Adventure was only 4 years old.

  15. I like Broderick's girlfriend in Ferris Bueller better than this one.

  16. cant watch tv…? in the rain Net flix? disk net work? bull crap!$%

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