Malvin & Jim -

Malvin & Jim

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WarGames Scene with Jim & Malvin


  1. My local community college still looks like this.

  2. Still a great film today – too bad so many modern hacker flicks are so terrible.

  3. Brilliant scene. The writing is so good. It's essential to the viewing of the whole film.

  4. Hey do you know what train this is
    Train what train this is
    No why
    It’s a magic train
    I know it’s a magic train but you do know what train this is do ya
    It’s a Baldwin class steam locomotive built in 1931

  5. 2:09 that girls standing over there listening and your telling her about our back doors?

  6. Something tells me Melvin secretly has a giant schlong

  7. This should be remade,with today's tech.Keep the same tone.But give Malvin and Jim their own spin-off movie.Hell,there could be a whole Wargames Cinematic Universe…..

  8. I've been able to convince three people (who were too lazy to check for themselves) that Malvin was played by a young Liev Schreiber.

  9. When I created password protected systems in ColdFusion I did no such thing. They could have easily removed my username and password from the users table.

  10. I graduated in 1980…… i think back during those days the only really thing we all worried about
    in the world{and the USA} was if some country was stupid enough to start a nuke war. I think all sides with nukes
    realised that if used it would be the end of the world as we know it.
    Except for that things back then were great…………….compared to what's going on in the world today.
    I'll take the 80's anyday over this fucked up time!

  11. 2020 and i still come back to look at just this scene. Love the movie of course, i have the poster profesionally framed as well as lobby cards.



  13. These were better days when Americans had these jobs. Now you see mostly H1B foreign workers taking over these jobs.

  14. The research done for this movie ended up becoming the basis for the movie "Sneakers"

  15. This was before being a hacker was kind of cool. It defined a new archetype.

  16. The way Malvin snatches the paper from Jim had me dying since I was a little kid and watching this –

  17. Edward Harry Deezen (born March 6, 1957) is an American actor and comedian. He played bit parts as nerd characters in 1970s and 1980s films such as Grease, Grease 2, Midnight Madness, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, 1941, and WarGames.

  18. The fat guy played the hacker in "Live Free or Die Hard"

  19. These guys should've been recurring characters in all the 80s tech movies.

  20. Word has it that Malvin got fired from his job because he spilled the secret about the first game and went off the deep end, thus creating a labratory of his own and went back to school to out smart the other students under the alias "Mandark".

  21. Not that I'm pregidous or anything because I'm not but, is the character malvain supposed to have autism or asbergers (aka high functioning autism)or something like that because it sure seems like it.

  22. I knew that was Mandark the moment I heard his voice.

  23. cant watch tv…? in the rain Net flix? disk net work? bull crap!$%

  24. I like Broderick's girlfriend in Ferris Bueller better than this one.

  25. The back door concept must be where cheats in computer games come from. I wonder how widely known those were back when Adventure was only 4 years old.

  26. Back when computer nerds were cool, now They're represented by a homicidal Bill Gates with revenge on his mind.

  27. Malvin saved the world, actually…..He instructed Ferris Bueller to go through the first game on the list which lead him to find out Dr. Falken designed the system, etc. etc. and then the world was eventually saved from nuclear annihilation.

  28. I love how they just waltz into a data center.

  29. Too bad they didn't do a Jim & Melvin movie when they had the chance.

  30. This along with all 80s movies, music, parties, and girls, was great ! What a fun time to be a teen !!!!!

  31. Malvin and Jim, so hilarious. I’m honestly surprised that the studio that made WarGames didn’t try to spin these characters off into their own movie franchise or TV series.

  32. Whoever wrote this screenplay knew their nerds.

  33. This is one of my favourite scenes in the whole movie!

  34. 1983's Wargames
    Notice the first operation title that Jim reads off the list.
    Theater Wide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare = Pandemic and Chemtrails

  35. If only the real – life Eddie Deezen would listen as well, when people tell him that he's acting rudely and insensitive!

  36. This scene is a vivid example of cybersecurity threat, known as "Backdoors", on the CompTIA cybersecurity Sec+ certification exam in 2021!

  37. This movie changed my life… made me the nerd I am…. over 30 years later still going.

  38. Malvin: "The first game on the list! Go right through Falken's Maze"!
    Me: "Heh…I need White Urkel to tell me something like that"?
    Malvin: "The clue was in the NAME, you Jamaican-sounding god of death on a leash by 2 prepubescent mortals"!

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