Manor Lords Combat - 600+ Man Massive Battle! -

Manor Lords Combat – 600+ Man Massive Battle!

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There were a lot of questions about Manor Lord’s combat – this video should put most of those to rest. I was outnumbered 2 to 1 in this massive 600+ man battle!


  1. i like the arrow head type vibes with combat

  2. Am I imagining or the ambient music is from Kingdom come. Its so similar. Do the studios share music?

  3. Is the KCD music part of the game or music you put on top of your video?

  4. Gotta use the trees/tree line to nullify a lot of their range effectiveness

  5. I need to buy this just to support the king who developed it. Wow. Amazing.


  7. Only I hear soundtrack from Kingdom Come Deliverance?


    Based on his interviews and FAQ:

    A) He got a publisher that saw the potential in his prototype which was probably 1/10 of what we see here and gave him a shitton of money to hire professional devs to help him, and he also got their 9/5 support. (And he did hire multiple devs to help him, he says that in his interview)

    Now before we go further, an indie game definition:

    "An indie game, short for independent video game, is a video game created by individuals or smaller development teams without the financial and technical support of a large game publisher"

    This is not a solo project, and this is not a small game made by a single dev. He was the leader, he's very experienced, and he wasn't alone

    B) He has a discord community with historians and other game devs + chatgpt and other ai

    C) He knows professional game dev's irl, he said that he asked for advice and help multiple times.

    D) He bought libraries of megascans (which are easier to use in unreal and better looking than making textures by yourself, but money is often the limiting factor)

    E) an artist friend that made the cover and other art

    I wouldnt call that solo, he got help along every way, its just being repeated that its an indie game to generate hype which is toxic, although he did oversee and kept track of the whole project all by himself in these 7 years so its still insane, with ai and complex tech like motion capture being more and more open to the public, we're going to see a rise of AAA games made by a single person, but this is not it yet.

  9. 1 dude made this, yet all his marketing says "We". So can people stop saying 1 guy made it. Thanks.

  10. Great game but total newbie to this sort of thing so i am struggling with the combat and having a good enough force to compete for territory or fend off raids…

    Do you have a beginner break down for combat?

    – can't buy mercenaries early game "insufficient funds" in the personal treasurey
    – opponent claims the entire map before i get one additional place 9/10 times
    – no military force before the opponent gets the bandits so no influence from that
    – spawing foes for raids – I've won but at great cost and by the time i could build up again i was too far outclassed for anything…

  11. I just hope they reduce the running speed of troops, or give them 3 speeds perhaps that drains shitloads of Stamina to use, because right now you can easily kite away half the enemy army with one archer unit while the rest slay the remaining army.

  12. Rival lord who doesn't have a single village, population, resources and production amassing huge armies out of nowhere 😂 this game is so dumb😂

  13. Total War: "WOW 600+?! THAT'S… SO FEW…"

  14. Hey man! Question, how is the enemy army that big, my enemy lord only sends around 120 of his own, is it because he hired mercenaries??

  15. some random dudes making better games than big triple A studios with thousands of employees is hilarious

  16. How do you even get to this point? In my game the yellow ai pressed claims to the entire map by year 4, when I tried to fight back I won one battle, then next month he came back with an even bigger army and crushed me.

  17. Once we get cavalry cleaning up the archers will work out a lot better, historically that was one of their best uses, that will be fun to watch calvalry charge down enemy archers

  18. How do battles get that big? I’ve been in a campaign for 15 years in game and the largest army in a raise is like 7 units…. I’d love to see battles at a max of like, 1,000 v 1,000 but I don’t that will ever be a thing….

    I’m not expecting total war size battles, but they do need to be a little bigger…

    Gonna have to join the Devs discord lol

  19. Its amazing seeing how BIG the fights are let alone the base building is so well designed (minus some bugs and a few things needed tweeked) its amazing this was created by ONE guy it shows rhat passion and dedication is beating these "AAA" games that do it for money and making that Quarterly payouts. Excited to see the future of this game.

  20. Imagine how mutch fun just one kroxigor from total war warhammer would have if it spawned into this game 💀

  21. Bro thought he could sneak in kcd background music and i wouldnt notice

  22. Sucks on my domination playthrough, enemies appear BEHIND my main town so I have to pump my apm because the enemy lord is spawning troops all over the map.

  23. Nice KDC deliverance theme in the background!

  24. that's kingdom come deliverance music in the background lmao

  25. I had a full battle like this too. What I did was 2x Retinue max armor and 4x Spear units. Pushed 1 spear unit against all the archers, they just kited away while killed his melee in all in brute


  27. This is the reality of how much a nation could muster during a war in middle age europe…5000-10000 aprx….😂 while a single general in tang dynasties could muster 300000…

  28. achei bem ruim o sistema de batalhas , mas o resto do jogo parece estar bem legal

  29. This gives me hope. I’m stuck on the last battle and I don’t have access to mercenaries lol I’m outnumbered

  30. You always want one or two regiments to circle around or attack the enemy's flank, as they can't defend all sides at once. You'll take the enemy out fast if you hit them from the side or behind. You also want to know about these tactics being used on you. So be ready to counter or retreat and regroup. Another part of the game is to keep mercs on the payroll if you're doing things to piss off your neighbor. Otherwise, he will begin to buy them. The arrow physics still needs to be adjusted in this game, and it doesn't appear that wind or weather affects them yet.

  31. Can you help me?. My ML always crash because of the pack station. Do you know how to fix this? Thank you and God bless!❤ Love your vids

  32. Once there is melee fighting you can set your archers to fire at will (the icon with the arrows) and they will shoot directly at opponents on the front line they have shots at, instead of volley fire which can hit your own troops.

    The cheer at 6:38 indicates a unit has beat the unit they were fighting against. In this case your unit, the retinue of 24 in the middle, and they were waiting for orders for some time since then (more than a minute) before you noticed.

  33. What I see is AI being even stupidier than in Total Wars , this offends me … Peope say like the developer put a lot of effort into this – YEAH he did, as he is 1 guy, but man these battles are definitely worse than total war battles. And A is stupidier than in Total war series, or Paradox games, thats for sure

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