Marine Reviews War Games • Professionals Play -

Marine Reviews War Games • Professionals Play

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What does a real marine think of the most popular war/shooter games out now?


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Camouflage military background
Merydolla/Getty Images

Close-up Moving Shot Group of Fully Equipped Soldiers Standing in a Line in the Desert. Paratroopers Ready for the Mission in Desert Region
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Follow Shot of Squad of Soldiers Running Forward During Military Operation in the Desert. Slow motion.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images


  1. Thanks buzzfeed for making the game worse than it actually is.

  2. They really showed him Casual CSGO game filled with Silver one retards xD. 5v5 makes it more realistic since people communicate and don't rush smokes like idiots but like others said they should have shown actually Mil Sim games lol

  3. Im not sure you get an air strike every 3 kills but ok

  4. So he's a marine and you show him a fuckin' cinematic ad for Battlefield 5 which is supposed to take place during WWII… WHY DIDN'T YOU SHOW HIM SOMETHING FROM BATTLEFIELD 3 YOU ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENT FUCKING MORONS?

  5. Somebody should have told him what year ghost recon breakpoint was set in and about the crash that happens after character creation

  6. Why didn't you guys showed some high level gaming, because the guy playing clearly didn't know how to play

  7. your comment might not work so please says:

    Why not ARMA,SQUAD nd other realistic genres 😐😐😐

  8. "Everybody is a rifleman with a secondary job." Okay, POG.

  9. you cant even get a marine infantryman to review these??? jesus buzzfeed

  10. The battlefield trailer felt out of place we don't really fight like that anymore

  11. Why they didn't show realistic shooters like Arma: Arma is a very niche game while COD, BF, and Siege appeal to a larger audience since they're more accessible when compared to milsim games, and a lot of people who don't play on PC know about mjlsim games like Arma and Squad

  12. Why do they show military fps’s. Why not show a tactical FPS like squad, arma and escape from tarkov?? Those games would defiantly have impressed him.

  13. Nobody wants to sit in a corner and think everything out
    Battlefield players sat in the corner with playing as support: surprised pikachu face

  14. You should show the Arma 3 war game not COD.

  15. bruh i looked up marine reacts to metal gear solid 5 tpp and this was what i got

  16. no Escape From Tarkov? SQUAD? Insurgency Sandstorm? No Realistic War Games? just a ton of Casual Dogshit. Good Job Buzzfeed, Fire Yourselves.

  17. I'm not a Marine, or a random Soldier but I know that they don't care about us. They sell old weapons to terrorists, and then sends soldiers to death only to test new weapon.

  18. People that are playing multiplayer with him doeaint know he I'd an acual Merin

  19. What a thought video games made for fun are not good at simulating real combat

    Not to be mean but why does he sound like Sid the sloth

  20. Multiplayer cod and E3 rainbow made me quit

  21. How come you guys didn't show him Arma, it's the literal only wargame that is supposed to be realistic

  22. Make them play/watch actual war sims like Insurgency or Arma not fucking breakpoint and call of duty

  23. they should use clean house mission in mw 2019 and the bf5 war in the pacific

  24. The Buzzfeed staff who collated these games don’t know any realistic shooter. Where’s ArmA 3, Tarkov, Project Reality, Squad, Insurgency? I guess for a website that produces rapid endless banal content, fast-paced shooter games really hit the spot.

  25. I tend to play these games slowly and cautiously which is why I get killed. I'm not good at running and gunning and jumping around like a nut.

  26. He's hands is not toutching the keyboard!!!

  27. Probably should have shown him actual a competitive professional cs game, no casual game

  28. Shows him CoD Multiplayer, should've showed him Story mode
    Shows him E3 Siege, he's not even a Swat member or a Law enforcement
    Shows him BF5 Reveal, why show him Ww2 fps games? It doesn't suit to it.

    C'mon BuzzFeed

  29. Ahem! I think counter-strike's goal is not realism. But gameplay. 🙂

  30. You used a silver 3 with 28 hours in the game as a “Professional Play” for CS? Cmon man..

  31. Why whow bfv why not bf3 or 4 where they are actually marines

  32. "Hi i was a POG for five years now let me speak on something ive no real experience with"

  33. Should have showed ARMA 3 in the video. It is the most realistic game there is and most accurate in terms of real combat scenarios. I don't get why people don't talk about it. So.. underrated.

  34. Jesus Christ, show him Rising Storm 2:Vietnam, Red Orchestra, Hell let loose or Post Scriptum…and let him comment on that, not these crappy games.

  35. Show him Arma 3 or Squad, then he won't have words

  36. Next : Kim Jong-un plays Call of duty

  37. The battlefield V trailer was a Good trailer but it had nothing to do with the game XD. but by itself it was a good trailer but it wasn’t for bfv I don’t know what that was XD

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