Medieval Fantasy Realm vs A Modern Nation. Who Wins? | Gate -

Medieval Fantasy Realm vs A Modern Nation. Who Wins? | Gate

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This one might be obvious. #shorts

Investigating Alternate Worlds

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  1. Imagine how much more devastating it would be if there was even more modern tech

  2. "Room for improvement"

    That's a very diplomatic assessment.😅

  3. What’s the name of this anime and can someone tell me what’s going on here?

  4. The problem is that technologically inferior armies have found ways to fight that are not a straight up fight. Dragons can swim, tunnel and move in the tree at night (more in some universes). Humans can infiltrate and use archery to strike without flashes.

  5. Empire: "I have an Army"
    Japan: "we have Artillery"

  6. What if this happened in America than Japan

  7. Bro has clearly never heard of the phalanx formation

  8. The empire: opens gate
    Canada: stops sayin sorry
    The world:"aw sh*t, here we go again"

  9. Fantasy magic can have a chance, but only if they get close enough, modern millitary doctrine, is a "over the horizon" mindset.

  10. everybody gangsta til the wizard says "power word: testicular torsion"

  11. "we have dragons"

    "We have a F-22 Raptor"

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