MEDIEVAL RIVER CROSSING BATTLE - Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212 AD Gameplay -

MEDIEVAL RIVER CROSSING BATTLE – Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212 AD Gameplay

Pixelated Apollo
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Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212 AD Gameplay – The Latin Empire have built an alliance with the Cumans to help defend the Outskirts of Constantinople. They set up their defenses at a strategic river crossing to hold against Hungary and Kievan Rus. Enjoy the battle 😀

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  1. How much are PC's that can run this game does anyone know ?

  2. Is total war atilla? I know from the menu

  3. So epic, so entertaining, i wish my pc runs like this

  4. Can somebody tell me the name of this game please cuz I forgot

  5. what is stronger for middival infant comparring with rome palax?

  6. Mann im out of popcorn how can i watch this episode

  7. What he said:
    "Rest in peace"
    What we all heard:
    "Rest in PEACES"

  8. I saw the Hungarian flag and legit thought it was like a custom medieval USA army xD

  9. I don't know why it's spelled like that, however. It's not pronounced Druzina, it's pronounced Dru-ZH-y-na (It means company) "Dismounted Company"

  10. Repeat facts by tharakaram ( Telugu) says:

    Bro wich game is this ❓

  11. the rule of river battles: who charges first loses. You should either have too many melee to have a overpowering charge and crush the enemy or have better range units and kill the enemy without charging. if you dont have either of those you lose

  12. Let our blades drink blood as much as they can~~~!! Grrrrrr!!!!!

  13. A little bit if cumine, a dash of curry, a pinch of thyme..

  14. If you're going to invest so havily into horse archers, you should use them appropriately: Cede the river crossing and pester the incoming melee with arrows and catapults. Retreat as you use the mobility of the horse archers to pick off vulnerable units.

  15. As a Hungarian I love watching these! 😀

  16. The first second as I saw the Hungarian shield, I knew that the Hungarians are going to be on the Battlefield.

    (Im Hungarian too)

  17. This is great love love it insanely brutal bible I am just going to leave the typo it was funny

  18. In Ukrainian history something happened similar like this when the mongels inveded Ukraine

  19. was the latin empire the byzantine or am i just dumb

  20. Are there any PS4 games similar to this one?

  21. I feel like Midevil total war 1212 ad is one of the most epic if total war

  22. Why I'm only now finding out this mod??? This is the Medieval III I've been waiting for

  23. Is there like sandbox mode so you can just play by your self

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