Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai – Women’s WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 13, 2019 - nzwargamer.net

Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai – Women’s WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 13, 2019

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Who will climb the ladder and earn the WarGames advantage for their team: Team Rhea’s Mia Yim or Team Shayna’s Io Shirai?

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  1. Hopefully Tessa Blanchard debuting in NXT and battle all these womans 🔥🔥🔥

  2. This is the main roster. This is WWE's number one brand. This is NXT.

  3. Imagine that match in front of 10,000+
    Small crowd just feels week

  4. Mia is a beast!!!! Best womens match I've seen this year!!

  5. Damn poor Mia and Shirai's body can seemingly take unlimited amounts of punishment….masochist check list! Absolute brutality!

  6. I can't wait into Bianca belair gets to the main roster she will be all that and think she Is omg est

  7. Let me think 🤔🤔🤔 what's going to happen next 🤔🤔🤔
    1. Dakota kai is behind the attacking &
    2. she is going to turn heel at war games.

  8. Cómo se atreve a azotar a mi chica en las escaleras … Pobrecita, no estube ahí para sobarle su espaldita… 😔

  9. "Mia Yim is living proof that hard work and dogged determination pay off. Long considered one of the most talented women in the independent ranks, Yim first turned heads in WWE during the inaugural Mae Young Classic in 2017."

  10. The dp is amazing, is like Io happily make mia suffer hahahah

  11. Wait why has io sided with shayna they were feuding a few months ago?

  12. Poor Mia. Damn it all down to hell again!😈

  13. so…does that mean the NXT women's roster is doubled with UK brand?!

  14. This is how you paralyze people who are obviously way to inexperienced in these types of matches. Mia is lucky to be alive at this point. Fools desperate for ratings.

  15. Mia ended up being taken to a hospital, with a broken nose and possibly broken ribs.
    Most of this is staged, obviously, but people can and do get hurt. Hope she gets well soon.

  16. イオ、何してんだ?

  17. Why would io wanna team up with boring baszler?
    It's doesn't make any sense.

  18. OMG… Io shirai's wrestling skill is awesome… she is so professional

  19. Io is soooooooooo beautiful 😍😙 I love you darling

  20. Io is in different level.. But Mia is a strong woman… I love them both…

  21. Io is a real goddess not no Alexa Bliss loli goddess. Lol

  22. These women are going to kill it at War Games. Can't wait.

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