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Michael Madsen in Wargames

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Michael Madsen in movie Wargames.(1983)


  1. This movie was a great movie and today this could happen like Skynet taking over when we trust computers to do our thinking for us

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  3. Saw this as a kid. When I moved to Seattle to attend University of Washington, I enjoyed walking around several places where they shot the library scene and riding to visit the computer geeks. I enjoyed the nostalgia as I studied, and I eventually named the stairs that go up to Suzzallo Library the "Matthew Broderick Stairs."

  4. One day maybe atomic bomb will become obsolete because of the perspective of inevitable self-destruction in any configuration. Like Gaz shells became forbidden and obsolete after WW1… But it is not yet the case, maybe because there is so much inequality. For the moment the only 8 counties who got the bomb can dictate their rules to all others.

  5. Bit pointless pointing a gun at his commander to tell him to turn his key, because if he shot him, he will not be alive to turn it anyway.

  6. “Are you gonna bark all day inbound Soviet Warhead, or are you gonna bite?”

  7. Yeah grab the secretary if world 🌍 ends ? 👍 Yeah

  8. the set really looks super realistic and very much alike what a real missile silo control unit would have looked like back then, up to things like the blast door, room layout, the costumes, the buttons and switches, yes even those triangle shaped launch switches are exactly as they were.

  9. Well im sure micheal madsen probably packed a strait razor too.😅

  10. Nobody wins a nuclear war. There are no winners, because everybody loses.

  11. I notice multi level buttons on the elevator panel. I wonder what all those other levels are?

  12. When he said, try sack headquarters, get me on the HF! HF stand for high frequency, or basically short way transceiver.

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  15. Both keys must be turned at the exact same time. Chilling 😮. That is so that no one man can launch the missiles.

  16. "Turn your key, sir." My car thinks that every day

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