MLW War Games September 19th 2003 -

MLW War Games September 19th 2003

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Los Maximos vs Juventud Guerrera & Super Dragon
Sonjay Dutt vs Tony Mamaluke
Eddie Colon vs Jerry Lynn
Jimmy Yang vs Juventud Guerrera
Christopher Daniels vs Super Dragon
Mikey Whipwreck vs Norman Smiley
Ekmo, Mana & Samu vs Matt Rite, Monsta Mack & Richard J. Criado
Mike Awesome vs Joe Seanoa
Sonjay Dutt vs Eddie Colon
Christopher Daniels vs Jimmy Yang
Raven vs Nosawa
Vampiro vs CM Punk
Sonjay Dutt vs Christopher Daniels
The Funkin’ Army (Bill Alfonso, Sabu, Steve Williams, Terry Funk and The Sandman) vs The Extreme Horsemen (Barry Windham, CW Anderson, PJ Walker, Simon Diamond and Steve Corino) WarGames match.
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