Mobile Ads📢 VS Reality || Lords Mobile ||#shorts #funnyvideo 😂 -

Mobile Ads📢 VS Reality || Lords Mobile ||#shorts #funnyvideo 😂

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  1. 😆bahubali? It's a classic war tactic lol.

  2. aur bahubali ne thha hobbit se copy kiya hai lords of rings

  3. Agr aapko FF elite pass giveaway chaiye to comment kre june elite pass free milega in giveaway.

  4. There was difference between trisul vyuh and Spartans formation. Aur military me bhi copy dikhta hai tumko

  5. Lekin ye game land jesi hai jesa ads hai osse bilkul alag hai

  6. Ha chutiye, Greek ne phalanx bahubali se copy ki tha

  7. Bahubali copied it from real roman empire

  8. Bahubali op like those like bahubali

  9. Bhai assal ma kahung to bahubali na ya seen copy Kiya ha . Asal ma ya a roman arny ka war tactic ha aur game ma Jo army ha wo bhi Roman army ha to bahubali na game ka copy Kiya hai 😅😅😅

  10. Ads copy for roman legion tank not for ur bahabli

  11. Mostly Romans used this Phalanx formation to shield against enemy rain of arrows and I think maybe against cavalry charge attacks as well.

  12. Sir what's the name of the movie????

  13. Bahubali bekar film animal jasee hai ek dum🤬

  14. Bahubali movie also Doesn't make any sense.
    Those villains are just subsiding that even a kid wouldn’t do.
    Amd that wal formation is very weak at front. They just can rush with siege and it will be last hour of everybody inside that wall.

  15. इसको त्रिशूल व्यू कहा जाता है, जिसका जिगर महाभारत में है।
    तू लॉर्ड्स मोबाइल नहीं किया महाभारत से कॉपी किया है।

  16. Thats red cliff the name of the movie i think

  17. Bahubali copied this from the Hercules movie

  18. Bro the testudo formation is used against projectiles, not to clash against infantry

  19. Sorry bro but it is the copy of romen solider's

  20. Bhai ye fight maharaprtap Or base h sb story

  21. Bhai Aisa game loard mobile me kab hota hai 😂

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