MORE Roblox War Games and their Timeline in History (20th-21st century) -

MORE Roblox War Games and their Timeline in History (20th-21st century)

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Here is are some Roblox War/Shooter/Combat games and their timeline in history if they have one. Some games dont have a specific timeline like BRM5 and especially Phantom Forces, these games timelines and settings are gonna be based on the map and weapons.

One game i forgot to put in the video was Steel Titans (1940-1945), this is because the game is in very early alpha and i only found it after i was done with the video.

Part 3 might not come in quite a while since Roblox isnt as diverse as we thought, as of right now i dont have enough (About 10-15) Roblox games with footage to make another one so it might come in after 2-3 months minimum. Either way please suggest more games in the comment section.

Ill make similar videos like this after this video, but not exactly a part 3, either way thanks for watching!

Games Shown:
55 Days At Peking
Frontline: The Great War
Naval 1918
Emu War
Naval Warfare
Wings of Glory (Alpha)
(Original) TonyGroce’s D-Day
Battle Of The Bulge
Flames of War Pacific: Hacksaw Ridge
Unit 1968
VWRP: An Lao Valley
Falklands War
Call of Roblox: Korean Assault
Standard Issue
Call of Roblox – Universe|
Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5
Phantom forces

Footage Shown (Unlike the first video, none of them are mine)

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  1. Naval warfare looks so incorrect,weapons from future,us navy & ijn have same ships,planes and weapons…

  2. BRM 5: 2015-2021

    Posted on April 4th 2020, ah yes.


    Boys in war:

  4. ✯𝐗𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞✯ says:

    12:22 F For the soldiers Of Malvinas 🙁

  5. Love games that have the Aussies in them

  6. 14:29 Not true… it takes place in Ukraine between Canada and Ukraine there is war.

  7. Also there's another war game called D-day(btw Roblox had lots of wars)

  8. I can’t believe roblox games looked so Decent 100 years ago

  9. There is a new game called trenches its bassically a ww1 shooter

  10. Kent from Philippines🇵🇭: my account is Kent1729 i like D-DAY Phantom Forces and Zulu War


  12. I'm From Argentina, the farklands war is my favorite

  13. Standard issue is from canada fighting seperatists in ukraine i think

  14. Boxers rovolution are 1899 to 1901 not 1900 to 1901

  15. thanks so much! i've been trying to find good war games for ages! you've earned another sub

  16. I kwen that d day would be I. Thsi vid when I jsut saw the text

  17. Ah yes the famous Korean War in the 1990s involving the United States

  18. I playing this game 55 day at Peking it was so laggy in my phone and conflict to controlled

  19. Naval warfare and unit 1968 is my fav games in roblox

  20. Lemme correct you
    Frontline: The Great War | World War 1 in France ( 1914-1918 )

  21. This man really added 55 days at Peking you have my respect and you just earned a new sub.

  22. How did we go from Call of Duty: WW2 on lowest graphics to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare all from Call of Roblox to Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5?

  23. Wait you are playing on the max graphics? Or not bc i see its not 60 fps

  24. Oh yeah I played naval warfare it’s so cool I wonder how fast Americans Bomb Hiroshima here

  25. My Vietnam boys will killl the sheet out of the American

  26. I know a good Roblox WW1 game.
    It's called Britain Entrenched
    It's basically battlefield 1 but with Roblox art style
    The graphics are decent and the movement animation are fluid.

  27. 10:47 it isnt called "lăng bác" lăng=mausoleum, bác=uncle referring uncle hồ, its called "làng bắc", làng= village, bắc=north/northern.

  28. Dang wings of glory had changed so much

    Edit: spelling

  29. frontline was a truly amazing game wish people played it still

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