More war games and threats...Israel permitted to shoot to kill now...6 children killed...NEWS -

More war games and threats…Israel permitted to shoot to kill now…6 children killed…NEWS

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  1. Merry Christmas to man i watch you every day.

  2. Thanks SP1 always great to hear from you and I like the way you just do the facts


  4. I work for a major Japanese corporation in a certain auto industry perhaps but that’s terrific news hopefully they feel the same for their employees here in the states.

  5. 47 more quakes happened around the same spot off the coast of N California.

  6. USA and izreal are the most evil nations on earth

  7. The rapid home test has a toxin that can be fatal. I just heard there is a toxic chemical inside that they are saying is killing people.

  8. Thank you,
    Dave when you tell the News, I listen.
    Merry Christmas 🎄God bless you and your family 🙏

  9. "israel permitted to shoot to kill… 6 children killed" kind of a misleading headline haha

  10. Pretty bad The Japanese are acting more civil with the jab than our own government..

  11. How crazy is it that 100’s of millions of dollars doesn’t sound like much anymore, nothing when your debt is 100 trillion dollars 💸 🤮 sickening what they’ve done to this country as a world super power now barely hanging by a thread

  12. Israel's sound like the Nazi's of WW II think about what they did in occupied areas shoot unarmed people is not new or ever going away. When it is easier to kill a million people than govrnen them they will kill them to make their piont.

  13. I really hope that someone eventually goes into Israel and takes over completely. I don't really care at this point who. Their rein of terror over the Palestinians as well as their own people must be stopped at any cost.

  14. Love your news update, Dave. Hope you and family have a safe and relax Merry Christmas.

  15. NATO just deployed tanks to the Ukraine. They also are sending more troops and equipment into neighboring countries. This is madness. Putin will not back down, he can't….

  16. I wouldn't trust the mailed test and frankly any other covid test. It's laced with the virus.

  17. Shooting children that MAY have had a rock in their hand recently….is exactly how an evil terrorist state behaves. The isreal of the Bible is unrelated to the state falsely named isreal

  18. Meanwhile I can't find a single case of a 32 or 40 count of pate canned cat food anywhere…shortages have been observed for about a month. If you have pets you should stock up on food now, and something to be considered if you have live stock.

  19. You forgot to mention the Mistletoe shortage !

  20. How much personal kickback is Brandon getting from the international aid Package? This kind of news only solidified what I already knew, Our so called "woke" party doesn't give a dam about our own American people. Do you have any idea what it feels like to be doing everything right and still be struggling and then hear this kind of news? Lets go Brandon, with every single one of your Demo rats included in that phrase! POMO

  21. I think it should be illegal to give anyone but won but the United States the American taxpayer's money. That is our hard earned money not the government.

  22. ABSOLUTELY ELATED that Israel is finally protecting themselves PROPERLY! Too long in coming..

  23. Blessings to you and your family, Dave! Merry Christmas!

  24. Peace to all and good tidings to all. 🎄✅👍

  25. I bet I won’t get a rapid test just like we didn’t get our voting ballots.

  26. God Bless Sir. I wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas and a new year of Faith, Family and the Freedoms given to us by our Creator! I love the news platform you've been doing. Please keep it up!

  27. Israel has always been permitted to shoot to kill Palestinian toddlers, babies, and pregnant mothers.

  28. Thanks for the true news. It’s a hard thing to find now. The truth will set you free.

  29. Your headline makes it sound like Israel killed 6 children after being permitted to shoot to kill.

  30. Seems weird to me how the news is often repeated in different countries. USA also had a bouncy house incident.

  31. If Isreal is allowing there forces to shoot unarmed children then they are going to have a problem.

  32. Targeting children is very sick, regardless who practices it! It is high time the Palestinian national got released from Israeli bondage!

  33. We dont have 2 more years were fucked by 2024 no matter who wins. We need to Fight and now

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