Most ANTICIPATED Games Of 2024! #shorts -

Most ANTICIPATED Games Of 2024! #shorts

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  1. Don’t worry DC is still trying to make a comeback, just not with SSKTJL

  2. Suicide squad: DOA💀
    Star wars outlaws: DOA⚰

  3. A dbz game WITH GOKU AND VEGETA?? NO WAY!!

  4. Why cant we get any good games anymore

  5. Want to bet that the only games out of this list to succeed will be…shit…are they all made by ubisoft? Lmfao! Nevermind.

  6. Chinese souls like Game's are pretty trash.

  7. There’s already 2 games that suck hard

  8. Can't even be a Jedi in an open world Star wars? Pass

  9. This video aged like fine wine with the 2 first mentioned games being the worst games in history 😂. Soon to be followed bu the 3rd too LMAO (MGS without the actual fookin creator)

  10. Only one good game coming out this year, and that's kingdom come deliverance 2

  11. Star Wars out laws is gonna be the first open world game.
    Force unleashed giggling in the corner:

  12. So another words. Nothing good is coming out

  13. Even the company that made the frickin' game said that Outlaws is the first ever open-world game, But it's not. What about Jedi fallen order or Jedi survivor?

  14. Still time to change this to biggest flops of the year

  15. Black myth wookong ive been waiting for a while. Can't wait for that

  16. I’m liking the look of
    Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater

  17. I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say all these games will probably suck.

  18. All these games are gonna suck let’s be real

  19. We are almost half way through the year. What the hell is he talking about ?

  20. Sorry but im not gonna play outlaws, no force and no lightsaber, very boring

  21. But there are open world star wars games one came out last year

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