MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2022 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games) -

MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2022 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games)

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20 games to look forward to in 2022 – these strategy games range from RTS to Turn based to 4x and more, and this year is looking like an extremely exciting one for fans of strategy and tactical gaming. Between indie and AAA titles, here are my most anticipated strategy games of 2022. Got any games in mind that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command –

Distant Worlds 2 –

Terra Invicta –

Falling Frontier –

Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign –

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00:00 – Intro
00:56 – WARNO
03:22 – Expeditions: Rome
05:27 – NEBULOUS: Fleet Command
07:55 – Total War: Warhammer 3
10:13 – Distant Worlds 2
13:08 – Starship Troopers – Terran Command
14:42 – Terra Invicta
17:21 – Falling Frontier
19:41 – Songs of Conquest
21:31 – The First Men
23:03 – Homeworld 3
25:02 – Dune: Spice Wars
27:35 – Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters
29:09 – Marvel’s Midnight Suns
30:49 – Men of War II
32:16 – Manor Lords
34:31 – Victoria 3
36:47 – Broken Arrow
38:17 – Company of Heroes 3
39:47 – Knights of Honor II: Sovereign
41:02 – Outro

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  1. Fuel in warno, ah wish they didn't, also no playable bad guys in men of war 2?

  2. Songs of conquest seems like the Might & Magic series. I hope they do it right!

  3. For me strategy/sim games must have good balance between mechanics/gameplay, fluff/flavor and atmosphere and technical/graphics, of course those interject at some points. With the first two factors grossly outweighing the third in my book, the game can look like literal excel spreadsheet but if the mechanics and flavor/fluff are good its ok with me. But I am more of roleplay than technical/optimal gamer so sometimes I choose decisions on the base of which is more in character with my current game rather than most optimal for maximum yield. That is why I didnt like Humankind, the 300 turn limit is just too restrictive for me and while does encourage optimal gameplay it doesn't allow me to play the game my way. Of the games on this list Fallen frontier is in my sights, if they incorporate enough fluff/flavor like small texts describing each event and when and adding actual character for each faction is more important to me that millions of mechanics. It will be contender for GOTY for me in the year it releases if the devs pull it off right. Falling frontier looks promising, if the writing is good, the way they release it anyway. Warno looks promising but id like most eastern block factions like China (not likely since we all know how much of a whiners the CCP are). For WW2 related games, couldn't care less, since every year they multiply like shrooms after rain. And I just ignore anything Warhammer related lately, especially total war series since I don't like either GW or Activision.

  4. did he just say falling frontier was a one man team???

  5. It pain me to not seen a new command and conquer title announced this year but I will follow falling frontier and broken arrow and hope for the best

  6. this is where the fun is going to begin

  7. PC master race much? With the Final Fantasy Tactics like game Triangle Strategy coming out on March 4th for Nintendo Switch one would thought a channel like this one would highlight such a high production title. Though I too am looking forward to Falling Frontier however Triangle Strategy still looks the more appealing title and best of all you get the full experience at launch in just under 2 months

  8. Forgot to Mention Ancient Wars: Sparta Definitive Edition that come January 28, also actually is on Open Beta on Steam

  9. @PartyElite

    In your opinion, which would make a better game type for A Song of Ice and Fire: 4 X or a Total War like game?

  10. 27:36 let me guess. its yet another warhammer game where u CANT play as fucking chaos?!? right?

  11. Please keep a close eye on Settlers, I have played it since Settlers I, and I have been hoping the latest Settlers does get completed and soon.

  12. Manor Lords is one that looks really cool, although no release date as of yet…

  13. Dune? DUNE?!!! The last strategy game, outside of mods, to release in that setting was Emperor: Battle for Dune! That's twenty one years! Danm, Well, I know what I'm buying upon release… For the Duke!

  14. Wasn't Dune the original RTS? I'm interested in Expeditions: Rome and Nebulous.

  15. Would have loved to see a Total War: Dune rather than Warhammer 3

  16. Terra Invicta is the most accurate game here. A threat to humanity is coming and instead of banding together it's "how do I screw everyone else"

  17. Going to be honest I saw the homeword preview and I immediately clicked

  18. Nebulous sounds like it'd be great if there was a persistent openworld element, think Elite Dangerous but with fleets instead of single ships.

  19. I’m looking forward for expeditions Rome, I really liked Conquistador and Viking but feel they could be improved I hope this one is even better.

  20. Seeing the dune – spice wars game reminds me of dune 2000 that i played on the amiga many years ago, i was hoping for something similar again as i loved that game.

  21. ok I am just BAFFLED.. Out of all these games I am only interested in Manor Lords and Knights of Honor 2, the rest are all boring and annoying fantasy games or sci fi…
    I JUST dont understand why developers dont focus on other genres that are deeply missing from the market since 1999.. How about a goddamn proper mob game, real time strategy on the map, you can choose different cities and start as a citizen who works as an employee somewhere, You slowly build up a crew, organisation and have many options ranging from diplomacy with various factions, police, FBI, Judges, prosecutors, witnesses, bankers, politicians..etc you can start producing, stashing and selling illegal goods and make profits, you make deals with other factions and gain a certain reputation, you can spy, infilitratate other factions, go to war, in a epic, immersive 1930's like street war with tommy guns and screeching cars, where henchmen pull down the window and shower their enemies with bullets through the Thompson machine gun..etc

    I literally dreamt about developing such a game, a combination of Gangsters Organized Crime, Gangland, some aspects of CK3 (having family members that can replace you),..etc I thought about it day and night for so long. There were even some small guys who tried developing something similar but failed like that company Radioactive software. Please dont come to me with City of Gangsters or Empire of Sin, yes, they are nice games but more turn based and have practically no real interactive functions with the world.

  22. 1:40 We need more non-NATO countries, why not Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia? Or maybe something outside Europe, China, Vietnam, Koreas? Iraq and Iran? Egypt, Israel and Syria? Cuba? Afghanistan?

  23. Of the games I've seen, Falling Frontier looks the most promising besides the obvious Homeworld 3. I was keeping an eye on Terra Invicta, but I'm not convinced.

    The problem with Terra Invicta is that it has way too much detail which won't be necessary to actually play the game, much like the Long War mods. It is extraordinarily difficult to orient yourself in 3D space on a 2D screen and to quote the Expanse – most of this is going to come down to who has more guns.

    Falling Frontier on the other hand seems to have a much tighter grip on its gameplay mechanics and seems to have committed to a naval combat gameplay model. I think of Falling Frontier more as a cross between the 40k Armada games and a Stellaris playthrough.

  24. why does nobody have the basic creativity to just make up some lore and create some factions/race and make an RTS?
    warcraft and starcraft are literally going to be the onyl ones ever made, arent they? hahahahahahaha holy shlt man
    i think the problem is most dev's have severe autism (im not joking).

  25. All trash.
    RTS games dont sell to begin with and then people do this? weird space rock games. human vs human 4x or JRPG turn based trash. gtfo bro.
    warcraft 3 was truly a unique and legendary game wasn't it…
    rip gaming.

  26. Thanks for these fantastic videos. I think you do some of the best coverage of strategy games out there!

  27. Hey I got to thinking…..anyone know of a good rts discord community? i had the urge to play rts with another person the other day but its hard to find true blue rts players in fps communities lol.

  28. All about CoH3 for me played the pre alpha and it was clunky but the destruction was phenomenal

  29. Warno looks like wargame the best rts game ever and the most underrated

  30. I was hoping for XCOM 3 not that marvel poo.

  31. Quality Content!

    Let's hope they deliver on those grandiose Games 😀
    Settlers did disappoint many already. Please no dumbing down of beloved Games, dear Developers.

  32. 2022 top computer strategy game about the war in the Donbass of Russia?

  33. can any one say which of these are multiplayer?

  34. If you want to play Nebulus fleet command just go play Homeworld 2. Looks to be an exact rip of both ship design and playstyle lol.

  35. Da seleção toda: Manor Lords. O resto parece cópia de algum jogo ou só continuação de algum título.
    Of all games the best one and make me more hiped is Manor Lords. The rest looks like a copy of some existing game, or continuation of some series (wich is exausting).

  36. Terra Invicta sounds very odd.
    As it sounds like half of a good game

  37. Hey the day they combine mount and blades scale and army building, with skyrims storytelling, rpg and fantasy setting is a day I'll be happy. And if they combine both of those with better VR, to where I can stay in shape constantly training in war, I'll be even happier. It's unlikely the visor goggle things they got currently are interactive enough to keep me trained and in shape. Happy happy joy joy.

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