MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2023 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games) -

MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2023 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games)

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New Year New List – of strategy games to look forward to in 2023! This upcoming year is full of a ridiculous amount of good looking games. From RTS to turn-based to 4x and more, here are my most anticipated strategy games of 2023. Got any games in mind that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!


Learn more about The Great War: Western Front –

Learn more about Falling Frontier –

WH40K: Rogue Trader Let’s Play –

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00:00 – Intro
00:57 – Company of Heroes 3
03:12 – Total Conflict: Resistance
06:00 – Homeworld 3
07:45 – Baldur’s Gate 3
09:50 – The Great War: Western Front
12:45 – SpellForce: Conquest of Eo
14:35 – Broken Arrow
16:39 – Espiocracy
18:57 – Mars Tactics
20:31 – Broken Roads
22:21 – Miasma Chronicles
24:08 – Falling Frontier
26:20 – Manor Lords
28:49 – Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader
31:11 – Stargate Timekeepers
33:01 – The Stone of Madness
34:12 – Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance
36:02 – King’s Orders
37:37 – Outro

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  2. Still waiting for COH having a setting on Pacific and Chinese Theater 🤔

  3. Broken arrow seems to be the game ive been waiting for for years, best combined arms feeling ive seen in any rts with every unit type being important not just spamming the most powerful vehicles. And the distances and ranges units have feels realistic and impactful. The demo was amazing and i can only hope this game comes soon

  4. i would love company of heroes do a pacific theater

  5. Is your thumbnail comprising of in game screenshots?
    If yes, can you tell me the game from which that fighter jet is?
    It would be great if I get to know the names of other one's as well…

  6. None of these are quite what I’m looking for, what I’d really like is a game a bit like StarCraft or Red Alert. But it may be they just don’t make that kind of game anymore. Can anyone help?
    Please and thank you.

  7. RPG adventure games are not strategy games! Unreal!

  8. i have been excited for Espiocracy for a while now and i hope that i can play as Italy in it

  9. CoH 3 was such a disappointment. The cartoonish hue and the big historical and detail inaccuracies were just too glaring. Gates of Hell Ostfront is where it’s at for WW2 RTS with tactical play. Manor Lords is going to amazing.

  10. I'm so excited for Homeworld 3 I played the whole series except emergence and it was so much fun and unique

  11. thank u for the imformation on these games !

  12. I'm sad Age of Wonders 4 isn't on the list (though the list could have been made before it was announced)

  13. Isometric = Not true 3D and camera rotation. All of the Diablo and StarCraft series. It is 2023 and every other game is real full 3D.

  14. A game you did not mention is Age of Wonders 4 looks pretty neat its a 4x game comes out pretty soon.

  15. Lol massive fail! No AOW4…dead cert for GOTY already.

  16. I have never really played a strategy game I'm interested in a ww2 one any suggestions

  17. Proxi wars , that is the way for usa to conrol the world!!

  18. Absolutely superb list and breakdown!!!

  19. to many turn based games, dam man cant someone make a starcraft type game i know total war style is to hard so they cant be touched for a few years yet

  20. 1.30…The Archer SPG is wrong…wasnt around to fight in the desert and it travelled back to front !!!

  21. 14:58 I can imagine the Broken arrow game studio, making a game of USA vs Russia, then Russia starts a war and cant beat Ukraine…if realistic the game will be ridiculously one sided 🤣

  22. 1. Aliens Dark Descent
    2. Jagged Alliance
    3. Lamplighters

  23. So this is where the budget for CH3 went , paid ads….

  24. Manor Lords is sick. Total war + Banished isn't a combination I ever thought of, but it definitely works out!

  25. you forgot about "Age of Wonders 4"?
    from what i saw it is same Age of Wonders game, similar to Age of Wonders 3

  26. Why tf was total conflict listed? This is the freeman game that died years ago and now they built the same game under a new name.

  27. By all means, Espiocracy in depth would be a welcome analysis.

  28. Excellent rundown. Thank you. Added two new bits to my wishlist.

  29. Very interesting. Especially that Total Conflict Resistance. I love the military style unit cards during battles. Looks really impressive. Ill keep an eye on it.
    Also Broken World and of course Manor Lord. 3 games im really interested in.

  30. Baldur's gate, great characters? if you like being berated and insulted for no reason, sure.

  31. Just watch only second video… but I already hate your channel!
    It suck my money sooooooo much 😉
    thank you for your work

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