MOST IMMERSIVE WAR GAME EVER! - War of Rights NEW Conquest Update -

MOST IMMERSIVE WAR GAME EVER! – War of Rights NEW Conquest Update

Pixelated Apollo
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Today we check out the new game mode in War of Rights called Conquest! Enjoy

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  1. This game needs to be for PS4 and Xbox one consolePs5 and Xbox series & Playstation 6 remastered for this game with 2 3 & 4 player's off line local lobbies without dealing with online issues that be interesting.

  2. I could only imagine if the game had a mod about the great trek and its co op so you have to fight of as much waves of the zulu impis as possible (impi is zulu for warrior)

  3. Wish more people would pick this up. Pretty fun.

  4. Wish more people would pick this up. Pretty fun.

  5. I could only imagine if the game had a mod about the great trek and its co op so you have to fight of as much waves of the zulu impis as possible (impi is zulu for warrior)

  6. Is it possible to turn off other players voice-chats but still get the battlefield noises? Regardless great video so thanks! 😀

  7. I saw the 1989 film Glory the other day, and it made me think about how cool a Siege mode would be in this game. Like, have a big fortress, similar to Fort Wagner, with one or two pathways. Set a time limit, and give the defending side far fewer respawns. It would be an epic thing to play.

  8. I just discovered this game like 5 minutes ago.. they really really need this on PS4

  9. Nebeprisivaizdotinklaraštininkaujantis says:

    War of rights is worth every single penny

  10. I would prefer less commentary, the teammates talk in itself is really entertaining to hear

  11. This is what warzone needs proximity chat it would be soo fun

  12. The more i see this game on Youtube, the more I'm tempted to get this game . I'm a civil war reenactor ,so this game would be typical of me,lol.

  13. its hilarious how if you have a black character BOTH sides call you the n word

  14. jumps over a fence ahh man this game is awesome ……

  15. Checking player counts on steam
    ''34 active players right now''

  16. Melee just looks awful. Maybe when Cannons and Horses come into the game, they will have something.

  17. I wish the people that played this would come out and join us at reenactments. We really need as many ppl as possible

  18. Scary knowing this is true, white people killing white people and all in the same country. The banksters really controlled the world well. War is coming soon again in our world.

  19. I’m a Civil War Reenactor and the Officer Yelling sounds like my Captain… A LOT…

  20. Are those fools only carrying the flags?

  21. I mean I would be more entertained in a class about the civil war. All I see is smoke. This game is a joke

  22. Love this game. Wish it would come to console. I bought it on pc but mine is really bad, can barely run it on lowest settings.

  23. Bought the game. Ran around lost for a few minutes. Found some unit to hang with. Got overran and bayoneted to death. I couldnt see anything. It happened about ten more times and I said to hell with it. I cant even tell if the people talking are real people or part of the game. It sounds fake.

  24. As a long time civil war reenactor the game firing and loading, terrain and uniforms are quite good. Where it falls down is the LACK of following (or should it be forcing) Civil War tactics which were mainly based on Hardees Infantry Manual. Civil War soldiers did not run all around the place constantly out of formation and with the exception of skirmishers, fought in LINES with a front and rear rank. Other than that, nice game HAHAHHAHAHA

  25. I serve in the 4th new Jersey I love this game

  26. Its weird how you dont know exactly what you have done
    I like it
    I might get it

  27. They shouldnt be running in such tight formation
    a metre wide each when on the offense
    Or else they can just get concentrated fired on

  28. I bought this game and quickly returned it because there were literally no players on….Didn't even get to try it and it looks SO GOOD

  29. Great game, it is a shame that its not on Nintendo Switch.

  30. I’m surprised the woke community still lets this game exist

  31. Does it have things I can unlock like new cosmetics and weapons?

  32. I'm not gonna buy this game for a couple reasons: 1. If this is first person, why the hell is rain dripping down my eyes? Makes no sense, nobody sees water streaking down their eyes IRL, and it's distracting. 2. I don't like how the game gets blurry. Being able to see in a game, especially one where you can only shoot muskets, is so crucial. I understand when a bomb goes off, or something, go ahead – get blurry. But, it's doing it just as he's running around, you can see the game focus in on his hands and weapon (which are super close to him) blurring out everything in the distance. I'm sorry but, don't affect my sight when I'm just trying to run around. Definitely not gonna buy.

  33. If you play with a group like the UEC or TGV, where companies actually use old drillbooks and do formations it is even better.

    No comparison to public if you want realism, roleplay and authenticity.

  34. I like how people in the chat are complaining about map balance as if War is suppose to be fair.

  35. is there a similar game for console? like why wouldnt you sell on multiple platforms

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