Most Realistic Air Combat Fighter Game [Amazing Realism - PC] -

Most Realistic Air Combat Fighter Game [Amazing Realism – PC]

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In this mission we are going to fly the United States F/A-18E Super Hornet jet VS the Russian SU-35 Jets.

In this video you will see for the first time fighter jets instead of passenger planes, it’s kind of a different video. Hope you’ll like it!

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  1. Can't believe bf3 still holds up so beautifully

  2. Decent graphics for a game, but that dialogue!🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. Blazing angles on the wii is more realistic

  4. definitely not "realistic" but cool.

  5. 2023 dajcie mi lepszą grę niż stary dobry BF

  6. DCS Players having a good laugh in the comment section
    Meanwhile, I have seen the worst in fiction so never mind it's still better than most games and films and anime

  7. sorry having the cockpit open when its drizzling as basic as that is not realism

  8. Nothing like how they do it in IRL….quite embarrassing, it shows the lack of research….yeah I get that it's an arcade game BUT if you want to base it of a typical carrier op, AT LEAST get the important details right.

  9. everything is great and nice but WTF is the name of the game ? is doesn't say it anywhere.

  10. Don't have this game! What is the name of this game? Thanks in advance.

  11. There is no way a jet can take that many hits and still in the air.

  12. 5:13 F-U Nagger your riding that bicycle like its a car!

  13. The most realistic air fighter game is il2 sturmovik

  14. gatget i in past remoting SR is Great.

  15. why there are no complete simulators like that ? : (

  16. This is the only mission in battlefield 3 with jets in it

  17. Infinite ammo, flares and got hit 7 times and didn't die….super realistic

  18. Great video, keep up the good work🔥🔥👍👍

  19. this is just one of the campaign mission from battlefield 4…

  20. It's amusing the Pilot is giving orders to the weapons system officer in this. Except for the dog fighting the weapons systems officer would be targeting lasing for others and bombing before the pilot said a word. Very captivating though and mildly intense. I enjoyed it.

  21. This makes Top Gun Maverick look like a Documentary.

  22. Good graphics, not realistic game though. Different thigns

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