Most Realistic Shooter Game Ever ! Arma 3 Apex -

Most Realistic Shooter Game Ever ! Arma 3 Apex

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Awesome realistic war simulator game on pc about modern warfare !
Arma 3


  1. How are you so accurate. I think I need new joystick

  2. This game is very gpu heavy. It's also a memory hog. Other than that. It's great.

  3. What's the name of this game….???? Anyone

  4. What a terrible player, repeating rounds at guys 300 yrs away. Only well placed single shots are reasonably effective and not a waste of ammo. What a goofball.

  5. This dude aint even taking cover or analyzing the situation

  6. You want realism? Turn the HUD off and install a couple of mods

  7. Those complaints about the guy stopping all the time, this isnt call of duty.

  8. ‘Most realistic shooter game ever’
    Goes into 3rd person almost immediately

  9. Hey I'm a new subscriber what's the name of this game?

  10. This guy would be terrible in a real combat situation

  11. the reason he kept stopping is to show the beauty of the game i think

  12. 7 minutes elapsed but I don't like the way you're playing the game

  13. Very realistic but still not better graphics than modern warfare maybe one day PS4 might get there own realistic army game like arma that will on be a exclusive maybe

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