Most Realistic Shooter Game Ever ! Arma 3 Apex -

Most Realistic Shooter Game Ever ! Arma 3 Apex

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Awesome realistic war simulator game on pc about modern warfare !
Arma 3


  1. Do you need to have arma 3 to play the Apex DLC or is it standalone?

  2. Man you suck ! But its a good game i know people hate the comment and agree about it but i get it you just showing the game not your skills but u got more comment u got lots of view great 👍🏼 i just cant stand keep watching you play sorry you need to play basic shooting games before start like this quick 3 and call of duty battlefield counter strike. And yes it is realistic agree lol

  3. Hey man i think the “w” key is broken on your keyboard, you keep stoppjng maybe chane your keybinds to the up arrow or ket the key repaired. Just tryna help😌


  4. Except just the tutorial takes about 100hours to finish

  5. I'm not in favour of controls in this game, too many buttons everywhere. Realism, em… 8/10, too much controls to think about can cause you to be slower than real life, and feels a bit funky. All good, but bad bits are quite evident:

    -Animations are a bit odd and short/brief, but ok.

    -sounds may need some work

    -not wearing ear plugs while shooting shoud give you some sort of deaf sound effects, bluring sound and as such… ringing noise so on.

    -ground/snow/sand/mud/ice should be effected a lot more by explosions and wear.

    – long distance views shouldn't expose a player sitting in the bush (long distance can expose players, but hides bushes they hide in)

    – vehicles shouldn't trun into solid black pre made "destroyed model", that kills you instantly when you come close to it.

    -buildings shouldn't do the same as vehicles, becoming pre made object when destroyed. (implementing Battlefield game like destruction could be an answer).

  6. Learn how to fucking play the game before uploading gameplay.

  7. Stupid gameplay .. learn to play before make a video … Dyammmmnnnnn

  8. نسيتنيدمدلن بلنودودودوذ says:

    is that syria map??

  9. The game was exciting ,the player was boring.

  10. Controls are just too realistic. But i still love it..

  11. not even knows how to use ace!! but having the mod in !!!! =!?!??!?!?!??!Q?1ß1ß1ß1ßß1

  12. guys he's just new at the game don't call him dumb or what ever he's just trying to learning more about it he hasn't even know all the controls yet

  13. Omg! I just watched it for 5mins and I'm already furious! Why are you stopping all the timeee??

  14. All these negative comments, ever thought he may just be a new player and still learning

  15. yall realize there is actual stamina that affects how you shoot and how accurate, he's stopping to conserve the energ, I think, well I hope.

  16. Its movie realistic,to be realistic about the games people think is realistic,when its really not ,but it may try to be.people take real cover in real life and this looks not realistic exept for the radio.its not a controlled bf at all.its just like a bunch of fools seeing enemys,shoot and runs to the enemy and lets call it chaos with no real war tactic going on here.i love how u guys just walk against the bullets and stand up in a field with no cover.what is real about this at all

  17. I think u did a good job. add me on steam Fields (Norris' face on profile).

  18. youtube is getting very bold with these double ads

  19. Arma 3 is great game of all times… but as a professional gamer, I will add some recommendations for this great game:
    1- It is not smooth, it must be a smooth game.
    2- It lacks environmental interaction, so this game must be be highly interactive.
    3- The Artificial intelligence is not good, it must be enhanced to degree that when you through grenade at the enemy they must shout " Grenade or Granada !!!", when you shot an enemy, the enemy must shout, when the enemy shot at me in this game the playable character must be terrified.
    4- The Driving must be enhanced in this game.
    5- The vehicle parts must be destroy-able, when bomb explode near a car, the car doors must be destroyed realistically, when you shoot the tank with a missile, the tank track must be destroyed realistically and it appears to be destroyed.
    6- you can talk to the AI in this game.
    7- The game must be highly polished.

  20. Bro not hating but in real life you would be kicked off army for stopping each second

  21. Do you have a fetish for being stationary and looking around at everything (literally everything) and straight up acting like a mong

  22. I really want to see this on console. Just to see how they handle all the binds. I’m sitting here with my keyboard playing it like a fucking piano. I’m willing to bet the d-pad will be used to most.

  23. I’m sorry but Arma 3 isn’t very realistic…………. I’ve been playing for 2 years so compared to other realistic games it’s nothing.

  24. im watching it because i just feel stunted by this noobest game play ever on youtube

  25. So realistic with that supersonic crack sound….

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