Most Truthful Game about World War 2 on the PC ! Simulator Iron Front 1944 -

Most Truthful Game about World War 2 on the PC ! Simulator Iron Front 1944

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The most realistic game about ww2 on pc ! Drive a tank, aircraft, armored car, etc. War Simulator Iron Front Liberation 1944
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  1. Warning, this mode is crap, I am ARMA lover and I purchased that mod straight after release, just to realize its total bugfest. Its so bad, it won't let you get thru first mission often.

  2. This game had packed me who is fana of WW2 but after 25 hours of game approximately, I have to uninstall the game because it bugged too, I nevertheless possess a configuration sufisante but I believe that the game has never been well resulting,; More for 2 years more servers for the multi ………. the only fairly realistic game in fps remains RED ORCHESTRA 2 for the WW2

  3. "Truthful" is a poor word to use in the title, "realistic" would be better. To me truthful implies there are all the horror's, attrocities…and truth of the war in the game, when there just isn't.

  4. ahahah "truthful" – must mean something else in Russian.

    computers had not been invented in 1939 – 45

    this "Game" displays images that you might have seen back then, but it has no similarity to the life of a soldier back then.

  5. If you mean waiting around forever until something happens. Then yes it is the most realistic game about WW2.

  6. It certainly looks to be one of the most boring games about WW2.

  7. Iron Front is it's own game i own it. Most amazing ww2 game and It crashes constantly. Can't get past windmill of mission 2. Nothing but issues. You're better off with arma 2's ww2 mod or arma 3's ww2 mod.

  8. are u fucking kidding me? u upload this video at feb 2017?

  9. So simillar to good old "Operation Flashpoint" from Bohemia Interactive

  10. herm.. nice Arma 2 Mod…….. Shame Arma engine is clunky and buggy as all hell lol

  11. Another vídeo with a mod for Arma 2, could you guys please write the name of the game?

  12. arma 2 engine = ass. makes for a shitty standalone

  13. I personally hate watching people play Arma or its variants, exclusively in 1st person mode. This isn't Call of Duty..

  14. ya and its one of the best games i dit ever play

  15. Truthful my ass.

    Every experienced Mosin-Nagant owner knows the recoil from the second round in an M91/30 magazine must be used to relocate a shoulder that was dislocated by the recoil from the first round! The soldier in the video is clearly shooting a .22! LOL

    Speaking of which, this Russian soldier should have been deaf after the first shot — the rifle sounds like a field gun going off. And what's more, he actually got the bolt open without the use of a 2×4.


  16. iron front is so damn buggy game. unplayable

  17. all vedio game (s), Nothing like real war. the players get to turn game on and off. never get blown to pieces, never wounded, never maimed. games…..just a way for businesses to make money. if you wanna 'play' war….. get into a military service that "offers" an opportunity to do it in real life. war ain't no game, its terror, body destroying, nasty, vicious hell on earth. USMC retired, real war veteran.

  18. Russian speaking then goes to broken English lol

  19. Hate to break it to you but this isn't even remotely close to the most "truthful" WW2 game if by that you mean an accurate simulation. Go take a look at the Combat Mission series by Battlefront.

  20. Ugggh arma 2, clunky as fuck controls. Im an ex-soldier and was recommended this game but its a piece of shit IMO.

  21. 0:41 just look at it! it's SO REALISTIC! (lol) thats why I stopped playing ArmA after 600+ hours.

  22. I hate the chewing/tapping sound that is made when you run lmao.

  23. whats the best WW2 game at the moment ? where you can play as germans


  25. this is the original IFL 44 not the mod.  Most of you haters never played it long enough to realize what a great game it is because you suffer from A.D.D if you knew how to make missions with this games amazing editor you would have a great WWII game that keeps on giving years later. what some people are calling game bugs are actually game features they never learned how to use. the learning curve is above most gamers attention spans. it isn't perfect but it is definitely the best WWII infantry/Armor Sim  on the market hands down. Bohemian Interactive never even released a working tank model in there entire16 years of developing ArmA …but IFL44 did just that… and here you punks sit complaining about things you obviously know almost nothing about.

  26. Is this done by the group that did ARMA 2? something about it looks and feels really familiar. that was an impressive sim

  27. I love iron front cause we can actually play multiplayer online and offline

  28. That's Arma 2. Learn the difference between a mod and a game, it's not that difficult to discern between the two.

  29. ….are you able to play as a German against the Reds?

  30. Iron Front Liberation 1944 is quite a good game. It is however buginfested indeed. And it is quite pro Russian biased. The Tiger for example isn't able to destroy any Russian tank in a single shot. Not even from 10 metres distance. So to say. The Tiger sometimes unable to even to destroy an M3 half track in a single shot… Too bad.

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