Most Truthful Game about World War 2 on the PC ! Simulator Iron Front 1944 -

Most Truthful Game about World War 2 on the PC ! Simulator Iron Front 1944

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The most realistic game about ww2 on pc ! Drive a tank, aircraft, armored car, etc. War Simulator Iron Front Liberation 1944
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  1. There is no truthful game about war and it was never made.

  2. Its visually authentic, cons: it doesnt flow, you get frustrating hinderances to smooth action, such as going to select a anti tank gun and finding that the select icon wont appear, no matter how you manoeuvre – causes you to get killed in action. Also the story line requires you to meet specific unstated goals to progress, which you have to stumble upon, such as looking at a morter team through a specific pair of binoculars, rather than just shooting all the mortar team. etc. etc. But still, despite all its floors, its one of the best out there. I hope for an update!

  3. Would be if it didn't have so many bugs, I'm playing the campaign and due to a stupid bug I can't progress any further.

  4. Arma 2 mod right, or at least used same engine

  5. First kill and only after ten minutes. Good going. Will pass on the next ten. 8)

  6. All this about realistic games…if games was realistic it would be very boring..illusion without any real can you zome a rifle like he that realistic.and i can say many more things about realistic ore not.if realistic,it would be very boring to game

  7. ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas says:

    of course thats an arma 2 mod guys…. not a stand alone game

  8. "The most realistic game about ww2"
    You mean the game which sends me in a singleplayer campaign the first mission of which has me firing smgs, machine guns, a sniper rifle, and take out two tanks with a Panzerschreck in about 20 minutes, causing in all about 30 casualties?

    Just kidding, love the game, mission design is another thing.

  9. For those that want realistic and to step into a meat grinder,

    Darkest Hour 44-45 mod for Red Orchestra 1. Server is full at nights.

  10. looks like arma.
    the format alone along with sounds

  11. This is (Iron Fornt light) port to ARMA3 . All based on new VR4 engine which real armies are using to train real soldiers.

    Bigest ever epic battles made on 100% real reconstructed maps with houndreds people involved like our last Omaha beach landing 12.02.2017 as JointOps here :

    ARMA3 vs reality 🙂

    And close ARAM3 combat vs reality scenes:

    This is most realistic battlefield game ever with all world armies equipement added from WW2 till this time and uniqe ablility to transfer any type of game inside like WARTHUNDER which we named as ARMAThunder.

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