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My New Favorite Miniature War Game

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  1. We call that over thinking, Analysis Paralysis within my play group

  2. A lot of the mechanics you discuss in this game remind me of Oathmark, by the author of Frostgrave rules. A big advantage of Oathmark is you can use low fantasy miniatures already in your collection.

  3. Hey new subscriber to your channel as a mini painter and war gamer. I look forward to your opinions and advice on mini painting. If your ok nyrested in other wargames with great minis have you looked at a game called Infinity? All metal minis, with amazing sculpts.

  4. I've never played warhammer of any flavour, mini games aren't much of a thing where i live, but i enjoy watching videos, and to be honest, there's nothing in the mechanics that attract me – i-go-you-go, shitloads of dice that are rolled over and over and over to maybe wound a unit, the minis are so big that unless you are playing in a football fields there's no maneuver opportunity, no flanking, no running, just mindlessly throwing dice at each other… at least that's my impression from what i've seen. in the other hand, i find the mechanic of Bolt Action amazing, the random activation feels more "realistic" to me, as you may have the perfect plan, but not have the opportunity to do it and having to adapt, it's much more dynamic and keeps you on your toes

  5. Ours is the Fury! Loving this game and itching to try out my Baretheon's I just got after playing an intro game with House Stark vs. Greyjoy.

  6. You should give Kings of War a go too if you love ASOIAF

  7. I love that game so i would love it if you did at least one tutorial! <3

  8. I love Dark Sword so go ahead and be a giddy geek!

  9. So nice to see another wargamer walk away from the dark prison of GW into the light and realize that there are universes of other miniatures, genres, and mechanics.

  10. You need to check out arena Rex the rules for that are totally fresh

  11. The game looks great and I wouldn't mind giving it a try unfortunately my local scene is pretty entrenched in GW, that won't stop me from trying though

  12. Should play Battletech man. It's great.

  13. Big con, the balance in this game is totally out of wack.

  14. Make a playtrough video showcasing A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game! 😛

  15. Have you seen or checked out Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings? It's another awesome rank and file fantasy game

  16. I love ASOIAF and I want to play the Roleplaying game. Maybe we can get together and play that too?

  17. also if i did play this game, which I have been wanting to, I'd go for night's watch units

  18. i've played a demo game of ASOIAF (did i get it right ?) at a convention and really liked a lot of things about it , there's a lot of depth due to different abilities added by unit commanders and other strategies .
    but i didn't buy in because my focus is on real historical wargames . have you ever tried one

  19. GRR Martin is the biggest grifter of all time. Have fun with your unfinished saga.

  20. Alternating Activations is not new to Wargaming and many games have it… just they are not GW games. I prefer some sort of altnerating activations due to being able to react to enemies and the dynamic nature of a turn it offers.

  21. Acronyms can skip the connecting words.
    Example: NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    :. Therefore this can happen:
    a Song of Ice and Fire = SIF

  22. Everything you seem to like about this game is part of the Infinity war game…except the rank/flank aspect.

  23. Very tempted, but where are people playing this in the Twin Cities? Hopefully there is some hope for support just south of the cities.

  24. I'd like to see somebody do a historics with the rules set. I'm just thinking of American Civil War with Abe Lincoln on the tactics board.

  25. You keep mispronouncing "Conquest: Last Argument of Kings"… weird…

  26. I swear to god, I think you're the rapper Logic

  27. Nice man. Cool to see the excitement. Im in a similar boat right now excitement wise with Frostgrave. Having a blast with it.

  28. Check out Mantic's kings of war. It's a simple but deep rule set with unlimited hobby potential.

  29. "Tried charming girls with my WoW t-shirts. It didnt work" …but you're married?

  30. I like the rules for the game, but the factions are all so similar, and none of them that exciting. Say what you will about GW, but their factions are amazingly detailed and unique. Especially for Fantasy. There is so much lore built around each army, they are hard not to love.

  31. I just have one question… where can I buy that werewolf head u have there at the background !?

  32. I’d love to see more middle earth on the channel

  33. Whats the best way to get into this game? Id like to play Stark but cant see a straight Stark starter set.

  34. This makes me happy I have the starter set and I want to paint it eventually and play with it.

  35. I've just started playing this game a week ago. And I have to say it's one of the best games I've played my friend got me and 10 ppl Starter box's

  36. I was all in on this game when it first released got the full kickstarter at the time.
    But the amount of cardplay being such a huge part of the gameplay just threw me off it completely. Just not for me.
    But its nice to see the game going so strong after several years, not many game succeeds that well!

  37. The biggest drawback of this game for me which you didn't mention is that there are only 4 unique sculpts per unit of 12? Really not a fan of that and it puts me off the game, it makes it feel like to much of a board game.

  38. I love this game and I'm collecting several different factions. Have been waiting for those dragons for nine months now, you lucky bastards.

  39. As someone who works at Asmodee who publishes this game, we just shorten the name to SIF. Easy to say and recognize

  40. Uh… Soy… fuh…
    A song of ice and fire… Was that faster?

  41. I have recently gotten into Moonstone. The game barely uses dice and is a lot of fun to be able to pick what you want in a faction and have them work well together.

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