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My New Favorite Miniature War Game

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  1. I've never invested in a game as much as I have invested in ASOIAF how it plays and is very easy to get into glad your liking it 👍enjoy.

  2. Do you like the sculpts from Infinity? I think they have some of the best power armor designs out there. It also has good back and forth between players during play with essentially overwatch being an integral tactic, and reactions and oppositional rolls to your attacks and movements.

  3. Historical ancient and medieval tabletop games is my thing and has been for 35 years. I find history more fascinating and deeper than lore created by a fantasy or sci fi setting (although it can be cool too). The figures I play with are smaller (15mm) but a standard game can have a couple of hundred miniatures on the table for each side. Armies and units do not have special abilities, but armies have individual flavour based upon their historical structure.

  4. I have been exploring Oathmark. I like their campaign game ideas and freedom to build your kingdom as you wish. It's not perfect and you can play a game with 2 boxes of miniatures, One for each side.

  5. Kings of War by Mantic Games was our go to after the WHFB to AOS change. We're loving it now its in its 3rd edition.

  6. A and of don't get included in abbreviations, so A Son of Ice and Fire would just be S.I.F.

  7. Best part of the vid @5:42
    Classic Scot tongue action.
    You passion really shows in this video dude

  8. Alternating activations is why I love warcry over kill team, 40k and AoS

  9. honestly Star wars legion is where it’s at!

  10. Game of Game of Thrones! I’ve played four games and it’s been great fun.

  11. My group has been playing a lot of Blood Rage and Planet Apocalypse lately, getting ready to move on to HATE, another CMON miniatures game.

    Unrelated, I've been binging a whoooole lotta TUP while painting, and you mentioned The Others being a favorite of yours and the most of a board game that you've painted. I'll be painting that soon and would love to see you do a video on painting the whole thing.

  12. I don't know if I will play the game but I will definitely collect and paint the miniatures. I've been eyeing the Baratheon faction.

  13. I finally was able to show this game off to a couple of friends. The next day they both bought starter sets and now we play it weekly. It's a lot of fun. Glad you're enjoying it.

  14. Now I have now played WH/40K in years but I thought alternative activation was basically standard now? Can't believe someone so deep in the hobby is talking about it like it's a new idea? I can't remember the last rule system I read that didn't have this in some form

  15. Yes. Asoiaf tmg is great. I love playing it. They rules are easy to understand. The miniatures have better looking armor than in the tv series. I play Night's Watch myself and I'm loving it. The miniatures are hard to get in Europe though.

  16. This is seriously giving me an itch. But I have marvel crisis protocol on the wishlist first. Also your miniatures painted for this look incredible. I'd love to see more. otherwise if you enjoy medieval stuff a lot try out SAGA and Lion Rampant. These are miniature agnostic but for the latter i'd recommend claymore castings. Keep making awesome stuff Scott!

  17. try the alternative activation of Bolt Action, or even Epic 40K!

  18. Had my first game yesterday with my Baratheons against my friend Lannister’s and it was soooo great ! I agree on 1000% on everything you say 🥳

  19. Check out Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games. 28mm Historical Pirate game with 28mm scaled ships. It is medium to large skirmished sized so for a mini game the investment is relatively low (NO mini games are cheap as we all know too well)

  20. You’re just getting older and bend more to historical wargames 🙂 hear me out, in 5 years you’ll be painting Spartans for Hail Ceasar 😛

  21. Back this on kickstarter and have played a grand total of once. Really heed to get it on the table again!

  22. You know what's even better than alternating activation? Bolt Action style random activation.

  23. Is that beard on Scott's face? No f way!

  24. Have you heard of Burrows and Badgers? If not, check them out!

  25. Man I love this game but have nobody within an 1 1/2 hour drive to play with. If anyone lives near mesford ontsrio hit me up haha

  26. Finally Song Of Ice and Fire is getting some love

  27. I backed the KS and was enjoying it before the constant rules churn/point changes etc. I'm fucking sick of that shit if I'm honest. Also, they jacked the prices up by 20% a month or so before release.

    Doesn't help that Asmodee are a terrible distributor and you couldn't get hold of anything in the UK, even pre-Covid.

  28. You should have a look at Star Wars Legion! would love to see you paint some of those!

  29. Dude I started reading the first book days ago and then you show up this amazing game that I didnt know it exists. Thanks miniac!

  30. Judgement: Eternal Champions is my new favorite miniature games…. Technically isn’t released yet but you can play on vassal and it’s awesome

  31. How are the prices for minis compared to Citadel?

  32. Good video but I think one of your cons is a pro imo. Not getting through all 20 cards of the tactics deck appeals to me. Not only does it add a new element of chance beyond the die rook but you have that possibility of your opponent leaning on one specific card he cannot get. Granted that can happen to you too so to adapt I’ve found it best not to lean on a specific card but to try to utilize what you have when the opportunity arises.

    I somewhat view it this way, tactics board and battle field are both largely skill, granted luck works it’s way into both, whole tactics decks and die rolls are luck for the most part. And sure tactics deck can be skill as well but let’s face it if you don’t get the card it won’t matter.

    Tactics deck is one of my fav aspects of this game though.

  33. Im glad you found a miniature game your passionate about that isn't warhammer. I recently switched from warhammer to Infinity and I cant imagine going back.

  34. I'd stick with the acronym but shorten it to " As If"

  35. I'm glad you're enjoying SIF (much easier than ASOIAF…), it's a solid game. I played Targaeryans, and really wanted to love the game, but a couple of things weren't quite satisfying my Warhammer Fantasy itch. I often found that people tended to just place a line of terrain down the centre-line of the table, and usually placed the +1 or -1 trees because I guess it felt like it contributed more to the game than walls or forests. Second, I didn't love that every move action involved a free pivot as far as you want at the start and end of every move. I really like how WHFB makes movement stuff like wheeling and reforming pretty critical, and SIF's free-spinning nature took away from the rank and flank aspect of the game to me.

    With that said, there were some things I really liked about the game. The NCU board is awesome and adds a ton to the game, the minis are solid and cheap, and I love the spaced out round-based minis in rectangular unit trays so you don't have to worry about ranking stuff up on small square bases. The characters being unit upgrades and also changing your tactics deck was an interesting choice and led to having to make interesting decisions. Definitely a decent game overall, but it couldn't hold my interest unfortunately, and my group has gone back to playing 8th ed WHFB.

  36. Failing a charge because you didn't roll enough distance is literally the worst feeling in this game

  37. If I want to get back into rank and flank, ASOIAF or Conquest the last argument of kings???

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