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The Problem With Recent Total War Games – Hey guys this is just a small video I put together explaining the issues I have about the newer total war games. Let me makes this clear that I love the new games, I just feel like they are losing some of their magic. I go over a few major topics that I hope I see changed. Enjoy the video and be sure to leave a comment 😀

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  1. In my opinion Total War: Rome 2 is still one of the best Total Wars and the only one of the bunch I own that I regularly go back to. I wish they would bring out a Total War: Rome 3

  2. Opinion: So much of the atmosphere was lost when they went from the old "parchment" style world map to a crappy looking 3D map with giants walking around.

  3. Agree with the points of hotkeys and it definitely feels your troops die/kill more quickly. Shogun 2 and TW siege times are way too short. However, the smaller maps cut out fast forwarding simple marching and get you in the action more quickly. Also the cav flanking is so historically inaccurate im glad the maps counter them, to just run past an army and then go straight into the back is ridiculous.

  4. cleary they listen to you.. or not…
    at least they improved rome II

  5. The only real problem total war has is that it is going in a retarded fantasy way, 3 kingdoms, troy, disgusting warhammer games.

  6. My beef with total war Warhammer I & II is it's literally scissors paper rock in army design which is very much against the most balanced 6th edition of table top or rather any great strategy PC game for that matter. It should not be about what you bring but how you use it, AKA no meta builds. Single target entities and monsters are too powerful.Makes it feel too much like 3rd edition or sigmar in this respect. Poor core design too. The designers in CA must of looked at sigmar players as the demographic here. Hidden combat mastery stats. Hidden splash radius stats. Powerful lord buffs and micromanaging of incredibly powerful 8th edition-like spells playing an invaluable part. Lots of very bad design practise like that. High STE health to cost ratio. Each one of these problems by themselves were enough to ruin most editions of table top and sigmar. So to combine all those problems in the design of a total war video game willingly; by repeating the same mistakes all true strategy fans knew were a result of suits telling designers what to do… is nothing short of unforgivable.

  7. Bobs and vegana!!!!!!! Fre speech haha

  8. There used to be a time when total war was so epic. But these days every body is turning against it. It makes me sad. This is why monopoly isnt good. There quality suffers and our interest suffers with it

  9. Man I really feel like there are not a lot of people left that enjoy the slower paced, less arcady Total War games

  10. The true successor to totalwar is Bannerlord

  11. “Who cares about the mercenaries!”

  12. Hell yeah man, 9:01 – couldn't agree more, great comentary overall.

  13. I have been thinking a lot about a 30 years war total war. Hope one day….

  14. Four years later and Pixie looks like Pixie the Prophet at this point. RIP Total War

  15. The battles are too fast now doesn't give you chance to appreciate them

  16. Siege battles in Attila could actually go on for quite a while and be very heroic.

  17. I personally don't mind fast battles but there should be a hardcore mode where units morale and stamina last longer which makes for longer epic battles. Also defenders in siege battles should generally have higher morale than attackers and double the missile ammo.

  18. I want a Rome I Remastered! and make it Legendary collectors edition with a Roman Helmet. oh my I would buy that shit on the spot!

  19. I love warhammer. But the monstrous/independent units are SOOOOO OP. I get youre a hero or a dino, but if you can stomp through 600+ men basically alone??? So OP

  20. King Arthur was a very interesting game, but it had balancing issues. Archers could completely obliterate anything.

  21. If you made this vid today I’d bet you’d be crucified

  22. I think CA will bring back the avatar system at Warhammer 3. The reason of my belief is that I think it's going to be a complete game with previous 2 games and they will connect them with 3 and if u want to experience a complete game u gotta pay something too high in price. The First, the second and the third game with all the dlc… God it's too much money that I'm thinking. (for my country of course)

  23. I thought i was the only one who imagine how my soldiers lived their life before one day in that one fateful day they gathered up in that battlefield to fight for me defending the land with their life.

  24. This is very true, Avatar conquest is a missed golden oppurtunity.

  25. seeing this now in 2021 with troy total war and warhammer 2 total war i can say that map size has become a big issue

  26. The logical conclusion to all of this is threekingdoms

  27. "Next historical title"
    Me from 2021: Oh ho ho…

  28. Warhammer 2 is such a fuckin cash grab dude. You have to buy the first game to unlock the main game mode

  29. Apollo: crying about making his own units and banners
    Me : Spartan Cohort and Praetorian Hoplite

  30. what do u mean, the last tw game was shogun2, it was pretty good… but i do wonder why they hadnt released anything since 2011

  31. It's been 4 years and this video still sadly applies.

  32. Total war then: Rout the Army to win the battle

    Total war now: Kill the Demigod general with a healthbar to win the battle

  33. This video is what lead to the newer titles

  34. There's a particular fellow that talks about problems in the Total War series.Name starts with a V, hmmmmm.

  35. I would really love to see a total war game set during the time of the English Civil War 🙂

  36. I got the Napoleon first I had so much fun it was one of the best games I ever played. Then I got shotgun though I liked it less I still loved it. But once I got two Rome and three kingdoms I played them both for about 2 hours and it was just a disaster it just did not have the same it just felt bland.

  37. I hope to next total war game is empire total war 2 with new mechanics and new maps from america to literally all of asia and make it to WW1 technology.

  38. 19:34 I'm so glad that ONE PrinceOfMacedon video is a unifying experience for so many Total War Players

  39. nah, i got no friends that like the total war games. So single player is fine for me.

  40. 5 years on, and it rings as true as the day it was released!

  41. Regarding the feel of the battles. Warscape is a lot less physics sim and a lot more spreadsheeted combat. Shogun 2 really strived for physics sim on that engone and as a result it works pretty well. Also the reason combat was so fast was because the devs introduced a massive rock, paper, scissors element to the battles, with insane morale penalties, which meant anything that was weak to something else got melted rather than lost gradually over time. It had a specific design choice at least but was too old school rts for me. Rome 2 was the last totsl war game that even pretended to try physics simulation but the campaign became so bloated and a speadsheet exercise that the mediocre battles just couldnt redeem it. Lastly, attention to detail just dropped down the toilet after medieval 2.

  42. Fleet building in Napoleon and Empire is a waiting simualtor change my mind .

  43. I mean this whole this was just about how you feel. No real arguments really. I’d like more historical stuff but none of this felt helpful to ca

  44. CA simply doesn't make games for me anymore. All i've done is support them since 2005. But I feel like they've forgotten me.

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