My Top 3 Roblox War Games #roblox -

My Top 3 Roblox War Games #roblox

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  1. Looks like someone fell asleep in history class

  2. You should try trenches it’s a good and realistic ww1 game

  3. WW2 and run through the trenches 💀

  4. Running through the trenches of WW1 in WW2. 🤔 🤔

  5. Tell me u dont play actual war games without telling me u dont actual war games

  6. "War Simulator"
    "You're Transported Back To World War 2 And Have To Run For The Trenches"
    World War 1*

  7. เอกนาวา เกิดแก้ว says:

    War tycoon is the best

  8. rolling thunder: WHY DOSE NONE TALK ABOUT ME?!

  9. if you get killed your heatlh bar is gonna be 3 hits😂

  10. Wor, just picked the freaking worst games. Also do you not know the diferrence between ww2 and the great war

  11. military tycoon is so ass ghop on war tycoon

  12. CENTAURA WAR and shell shock he forgot

  13. Only OG’s remember Boys vs Girls Island wars

  14. My top three best games 3. Napoleonic wars 2. Sandhurst Miltary 1. BA. British army

  15. Ķ̸̾Y̴̤͗L̸̩̎Ẹ̵̛R̴̩͌ ̷͙̚G̴̢͝À̷̠M̶̨͗Ĩ̵̡Ṋ̷̍G̵̨̛ says:

    "And number 1 war game in road blocks"☠💀

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