My Top 5 Favourite Non-Total War Games -

My Top 5 Favourite Non-Total War Games

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This video is a list of my favourite games I play when not playing Total War games. Let me know you’re experiences with these games if you play them as well.


  1. Legend if you haven't played mount & blade warband you need to get on it ASAP!

  2. im honestly suprised EvE online isnt a game you play

  3. Love these kinds of lists. I always want to know what other gamers like playing and why.

  4. ah yes ck2 "slaps roof" this baby'll get ya a lotta places

  5. I gotta agree with Legend here, Anno 1800 is an exceptionally well made game.

  6. Give Frostpunk a try. Really cool post apocalyptic survival strategy game. Can be super chilled out

  7. I feel the same way about CK2, I'm still not done with it. I bought CK3 and played it for a week to get a feel for it, check out the differences, and I got it on discount at the time. But it'll have to be shelved for a while till CK2 has run it's course.
    As for Manscaped… I have a ZZTop level beard. You can't pay me enough to get rid of it. 😀
    Cool that you are getting sponsors though, congrats.

  8. Bit late to this but nice to see what else makes you tick other than Warhammer 2! I love CK2, Anno 1800 and Skyrim. Definately not as much as you though!

  9. If you love CK II so much, you should try Europa Universalis IV. there is a savegame converter that you can use to continue towards 1821 🙂

  10. CK2, i totaly agree here. There was a free CK3 week on steam where i looked into Ck3, but it totaly failed to hook me, while i can still sink dozens of hours into CK2 at any time and it just feels great

  11. Lmao, special package to care of your special junk… Stupid as hell but thumbs up from me…

  12. Oblivion is jank but much more open quest line wise and most of the thief guild stuff you do in that game is. "Sell us this amount of gold worth in loot to unlock missions." "So who's stuff." "So long it's not from the poor. Don't care." "… OH, ok." Also did I tell you about making your own spells?

  13. I only started playing Anno 1800 a couple of months ago , its such an underappreciated gem of a game !

  14. You should try Starsector, wished they would drop that game on Steam or Epic

  15. I honestly expected RimWorld to be on there.

  16. Your factorio base was nothing compared to the biggest, sorry..

  17. If you don't like hand holding, you should try Outer Wilds. It's probably the single most impressive mystery game ever made. It throws you into this huge star system where you quickly discover you're in a time loop. Every 22 minutes you start back on your home planet, and you basically just pick a direction to go in and try to find clues, and you do this every 22 minutes until the picture gets clearer and clearer until you're like "omg, this is one of the greatest narratives I've ever experienced."

  18. When playing Skyrim, the follower MOD Inigo is a must have. He is so well done. The MOD creator is fantastic.

  19. Buggy mess games that don't hold your hand? have you tried x-com?

  20. Skyrim is one of my all time favorites, I easily have over 500 hours on all versions (console, legendary, and special edition) and that's not even including modding… Been playing it since 2012 though.

  21. heats of iron is fairly good its the game i have the most hours in and it definitely doesn't hold your hand, its made by the same company as crusader kings so you might like it

  22. Legend's day has 72 hours in it, to play all these games so much. It's a bonus that comes with the Lord of Cheese title.

    Also, yeah, Morrowind was much better for me in terms of freedom and possibilities, also RPG elements. It was only worse in terms of graphics, animations some things like lack of horses etc. Mostly stuff you would expect to be worse in much older game. Still it was the game I've grown up with. 🙂

  23. Nice seeing what you do in your Non-TotalWar time 😀 If you like efficiency and satisfaction in ever greater numbers, check out the game satisfactory, you might like it 😀 Have a good one mate!

  24. I miss the ole "Hey f@#$ face, i bet you cant recover this fake/not-fake game save". 3-5 turns later, yeah were out of the fire, the rest is up to you. Legend!

  25. well starting with Attila theyre have been no total war games just Mobile knockoffs they claim are games

  26. I can imagine Legend playing Breath of the Wild collecting every Korok seed.

  27. No Stellaris? it's a fun game with a lot of freedom while not holding your hand at all.

  28. I think you could check out Dyson Sphere Program. It’s 3D Factorio in space – you build on multiple planets and star systems. Still early access, but it’s it’s absolutely amazing.

  29. Ey legend did u know there are multiple main story lines out there? Some of em allow u to get a extension of stuff u can and can’t do for example, there is a DLC that allows u to become a vampire or vampire hunter. Skyrim also has 1000+ mods to back that up my personal favo is the Werewolf story line.

  30. I had a funny Skyrim glitcy where I fast traveled to a location and my horse just started flying away

  31. Probably look into Kingdom Come Deliverance and RImworld

  32. You Need Top Use The Community UOP For Skyrim As That Fixes Bugs That Bethesda Hasnt .
    Also You Really Should Check Out Anno 1404 .

  33. Dude get into Starfield. It's coming out in late 2022. It's just like Skyrim but "in space" and it's made by the same exact developer. It's literally just Skyrim in space. You'll love it.

    That's cool you'll be a YouTuber that can jump into other games sometimes from your main game.

  34. Should do "another 5 favorite non-Total War games" and make these ones 6-10, where these are 1-5.

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