Nato's war games near the Russian border -

Nato’s war games near the Russian border

Channel 4 News
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Inside Finland’s military training on Nato’s new frontline with Russia.

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  1. LET SWEDEN JOIN NATO!1!1!1!!Turkey: Nuh Uh

  2. Very good nato pressure cookers😂😂😂😂

  3. From Brasil from Amazônia

  4. We are here in this region
    We are armed with this
    We consist of these countries servicemen
    We will use these tactics

    Just stop

  5. This is all channel 4 western media anti Russian Pro war Pro NATO bullshit

  6. At this point i hope Russia fs around and finds out

  7. Russia must never invade a neighbour ever again.

  8. This is careless provocative action along Russia's border. Finland was accepted into NATO so quickly because they're a stable OECD country, yes, but also because they have a border with Russia.

    This is about yankville provoking Russia with NATO, because Russia has been clear for 15 years now that it considers NATO's eastern expansion onto it's border an immediate threat. As any country would consider the same of a rival military force knocking on it's door.

    This is a reckless step closer to outright war in Europe and potentially nuclear war. The doomsday clock moved 34 seconds because of Finland joining NATO.

    Once BRICS consolidate their military treaty things are going to get bad.

  9. Oh my god who hired captain obvious

  10. Naziści to miłośnicy świń – symbolu totalitaryzmu a także syfilisu. Żywią się padliną i odpadkami. Nie tylko spożywanie wieprzowiny może grozić wieloma chorobami! Nawet otarcie się ubraniem o chore zwierzę grozi śmiercią. Uważajcie żeby was własne świnie nie zeżarły!

  11. The only one reason the European they come up to create United nations after second World War, was that so there be peace for all and no more war's.. Its sad to see wat has changed

  12. Nato is temporary .Those who joined should get money back . Finland would be in no danger of invasion if they hadn’t joined nato . Silly idea

  13. When “The Wall” was dismantled and then the USSR/CCCP, the agreement was that the “Cold war” was at an end. NATO would stop recruiting new members and the Warsaw Pact would dissolve.
    But no. That wasn’t good enough for Uncle Sam. The defeated must be humiliated and hunted to extinction.
    And so NATO is expanding, Russia is being degraded morally, economically and militarily. It has NATO troops active on its borders and its trade with states such as Germany has been obliterated.
    Ooops, USA and UK troops on the front line and fighting IN Ukraine against the Russian freedom fighters trying to stop a neo fascist take over of Ukraine.
    Ukraine is bragging about how it blew up NS2 and forced Germany to buy very expensive oil and gas from USA.
    Yankee Doodle has ridden all over its peace agreements and will soon be free to challenge China and the BRIC nations.
    BUT, . . . .
    Look what’s happened and is happening in the new EU & NATO states like Poland. Neo Fascist, Authoritarian and dictatorial take overs. Financed by EU & USA €€€$$$
    SO much better than a leftist DEMOCRACY???

  14. Russia when you eventually decide to launch your nukes.. Overlook finland.. They use to be ranked as one of the happiest nations on earth, even Putin used finland as example for Ukraine to be like Finland…
    So when escalation reaches its peak.. Russia direct your nukes at America because they are the orchestrator of all the problems.. The innocent people of finland has no say in what their politicians do due to America's influence..
    America is using countries in Nato as cannon fodder, hoping that if escalation comes, they will sacrifice one or 2 nato countries, then after Russia is weakened, they will swoop in to deliver the final blow…
    So Russia, atleast if you are going down, take America with you, so that the world will be free..

  15. Your "deterance" will end up in provocation. You don't want tol live in peace with Russia.

  16. If you feel useless remember that YouTube hasn’t blocked these Kremlin bots

  17. finland is already invaded by muslims migrants who rape their daughters

  18. Nato encroaching in russia’s border expecting no retaliation.
    Go home Americans

  19. The Nazis occupied the Karellia region and Russia drove them out. Then the Nazis occupied the Ukraine and the Russians are driving them out.

  20. At this point Russia’s gonna lose half its army in Ukraine, I doubt they’d invade Finland now that they’re in NATO.

  21. Doesn't mean Russia will invade they should have been making peace not nato putting the world near WW3.

  22. US and NATO is creating a next proxy war .That is poland.

  23. NATO mean Not Action Talk Only😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  24. It's not only NATO Vs Russia. It's NATO and Non NATO Member and some Various Countries fighting on Ukraine side. It's not published in the news.

  25. Russia could not fight anyone any more today ,they are weaker than a frog in a paper bag.i hope the chinese is watching all this and seeing how western weapons work,they are not made in china

  26. As the Latins used to say:
    "si vis pacem, para bellum"

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