New Action RPG Game Is Looking Awesome, Medieval PvP War Game & More | New In Gaming -

New Action RPG Game Is Looking Awesome, Medieval PvP War Game & More | New In Gaming

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Check out the first look at 3 brand-new upcoming games, an Action Shooter RPG project, a Medieval War PvP game and an action-stealth game that is about hunting criminals. Which one in this video is looking the most promising to you? Let me know!

Music used : ‘Dawn’ by Sappheiros:

Second music: ‘Escape’ by Sappheiros:

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  1. Never thought I'd talk about 'Nexon in one of my videos! They just seem like a distant memory to me with their old grindy games, but hopefully these games can be good!

  2. Project HP and Magnum look freaking awesome. So does Serial Hunter. Will definitely be keeping an eye on these games. Thanks Big Chief.

  3. You're the only channel on YouTube i enjoy… where is little devil inside though? Is it even real?

  4. Serial Hunter just catch my attention while Project HP looks fun, both are interesting.

  5. I don’t know if you have already covered it but I come across a game the other day called ⭐️ Instinction ⭐️

    Just thought I would bring it to your attention

  6. looks like a game tryiing to be too many thiings. its gonna fail, but i hope not 😀

  7. Project magnum……kinda looks like new outriders…..

  8. You never said what systems and stuff will be getting “Serial Hunter”

  9. Nexon? Combat Arms? I remember those names. I also remember that Combat Arms was rife with hackers and cheaters, and I also remember that Nexon did absolutely nothing to even ATTEMPT to fix that situation, which is what led to a mass exodus from that game. Nexon gave ZERO fucks, as long as they got your money.

    Well, I happen to follow the old adage "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME."

    I haven't forgotten. And I'll be damned if Nexon ever gets another cent from me. EASY pass. Don't even need to think about it.

  10. Taking odds on if serial hunter will be a propaganda piece or not.

  11. Some of these games look so so good in the preview and almost tech demo stage!
    But then they come out and are ridged, flat, buggy hollow events. Such a shame some of these studios don't have the investment and or stamina and imagination to fully deliver to the potential

  12. Wish the second one had single player. First one has me intrigued with single player play.

  13. Project Magnum looks like
    Gears Of War and Outriders

    I'll keep my eye on that.

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