NEW Spartan War Game!! | Roblox Bleeding Blades -

NEW Spartan War Game!! | Roblox Bleeding Blades

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Bleeding Blades is a new war game here on Roblox and it’s absolutely amazing!! Basically this game is based off what I assume is Mount and Blade Warband, but has the twist of being apart of the ancient community as it includes many old nations like the Spartans. Watch in today’s video as me and the boys from the Saxony regiment have tons of fun in this new game.

Bleeding Blades: ?

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  1. all the screaming sound effects were taken from a medival combat game called mordhau

  2. Someone should make a Roblox video that shows all the voicelines, and battlecries in Bleeding Blades

  3. Gonna wait for apollo to upload the 3000+ player battle now

  4. Welcome to Bleeding Blades- 3 maps and a load of blood!

  5. This game isn’t even for mobile, I hope they add it

  6. also they remove the persian sapper in the thermopolye

  7. The game looks good but I can’t play it because I’m on mobile

  8. I already played this game and it’s fun

  9. I am greece and i am from sparta γεία

  10. I courious to play game because I am on mobile and in 30th 12:00PM will add mobile support


  12. i have no life i have more then 500 kills on this game lol

  13. Why are small games always good than most popular games?

  14. FOR SPARTA ( i from spain, in spain ) POR ESPARTA

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