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*NEW* ULTRA ZONES ARE HERE!! (War Games – Apex Legends)

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►Today we have the next set of War Games LTM, and this time it’s the Ultra Zones! Basically you get a ton of great loot in specific areas, but ontop of that, these zones have passive healing Sponsored by EA:

►I am working with Apex Gaming PCs to come out with my own line of PCs that I personally specced out! Check them out here: and use code “KANDY” for 5% off.

►Come watch me live and I’ll say hi –

►MUSIC: mostly epidemicsounds


  1. Hey kandy can you please start spreading awareness!! Kings canyon isn’t the reason for 3rd parties. It’s just apex’s meta!

  2. Kandy's squad killed me during the day of shield regens and they didn't make it into a video. Sad.

  3. I'm definitely telling your mom about the loot in the zone tonight!

  4. Kandy is so chill, that’s why I like him. Jazz in the background, commentary with Boom. Such a good creator

  5. Who is at 500 level from 1 year and still no heirlom

  6. boom: "I suck with the 30-30" …everyone sucks with the 30-30 because the 30-30 sucks

  7. Your back and forth with Boom is always so funny and makes me laugh. Thanks for the great video!

  8. Boom and Kandy always have the best vibes

  9. Love the content Kandy! Btw you must have a dank chill vibes playlist cause this background music was 🔥🔥🔥

  10. if kandy or someone sees this can someone please tell me if the apex alpha intel pc on his website is worth it ive been thinking of getting it

  11. i think that armor regen and second chance should be added into the game

    Edit : or maybe add a longer test period to see if its really the way to go

  12. how the fuck are they playing these modes, where is it?

  13. Hahahahahha " and there I was the greatest drop ever "

  14. wait, did he turn down a 301 to keep his r99? Whaaa

  15. I wish candy boombazle would play with tyhpo it would be such a good time playing

  16. Kandy has the aim of a pred player, movement of a gold player and awareness of a plat player

  17. I don’t think kandy has watched Austin powers before

  18. i wish his content was longer like back in the day. max we get now is 15 mins 🙁

  19. Yesterday it came out for me and i with a legendary mozam and a normal wingman absolutely DESTROYED a team with the combo and then got destroyed😅😅

  20. I just went to Booms channel and subscribed, you all should do too.

  21. Does anyone else love the fact we got like half a day with the best damn LTM ever released? We need a second chance with second chance!

  22. me here waiting for kandy to post locations of those holosprays

  23. There’s an Easter egg for kings canyon get keycard from supply drop then you can go salvage or on the wall next to a jump tower and then go to lobb where there will be voice lines then you will unlock challenges there is also one at labs

  24. I really love the chill atmosphere in kandys videos

  25. Thanks for this content dad, I love you 😘

  26. I threw a gold 30-30 off the map because i hate it lol

  27. I would like to play ultra zones more if I could actually benefit from it more, I haven't even found a golden gun yet

  28. Why am I only getting hotzone game mode when I play at 7:30 pm?!?! I wanna play in the others game modes!!!!!!!

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