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*NEW* ULTRA ZONES ARE HERE!! (War Games – Apex Legends)

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►Today we have the next set of War Games LTM, and this time it’s the Ultra Zones! Basically you get a ton of great loot in specific areas, but ontop of that, these zones have passive healing Sponsored by EA:

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►Come watch me live and I’ll say hi –

►MUSIC: mostly epidemicsounds


  1. Notifications finally worked after 2 years and I got here earlier, this feels like dropping my first 20 bomb and getting the predator badge.

  2. I like watching you play, you have so much fps. Best my can do is 40

  3. I just got 49 damage away from a 2k ( I got 1951 damage)

  4. I’ve played a few modes of this and since there is so many people it’s third party Central it sucks so bad 🥲

  5. I LOVE how he put the gold 30-30 repeater in the thumbnail lelelele

  6. WOw making BOOM say it I see, be a MAn and call out your OwN BOOBAS, so kandyrude

  7. You good your aim in the beginning wasn't there fam

  8. This game mode looks kinda pointless. Sure the first 5 minutes of the game great but then nothing. Good job respawn on bringing in weak as game modes. Do they not realize if they add game modes more frequently the game won’t be as stagnant and will bring in more to the player base??

  9. Landed in these zones multiple times today. Same as regular "hot zone".. absolutely no loot except for a p2020 and mozam.

  10. Kandy I’m telling you right now wraiths hitbox really shows in this vid, I was literally like if kandy overpeaks with wraith right here he’s gonna get beamed (2:11)

  11. I actually really appreciate how he puts the ad right at the end of the video, a subtle difference but we all love it

  12. Don't like this mode. It's just a more boring version of the auto shield regen mode.

  13. Rose's r red content r blue i watch kandy every day

  14. I got banded on PlayStation and I was just definding myself

  15. hey man i hope your having a wondeful day i just want to ask what is a good way to get apex packs without spending money because i want a heirloom shards

  16. I love these war games modes because everybody has like red shields at the beginning of the game

  17. 4:40 they look like big blue balls.. thats what they look like 😀

  18. Great gameplay! 😀 I'm super rusty at Apex after being hospitalized with covid for the last week and a half. Watching this made Apex look fun again, I'll keep getting back into it 🙂

  19. I understood Boom's reference to Austin Powers. That was one of my favorite scenes

  20. The flatline is better close range when you hip fire but we use the same load out on the flatline

  21. Am I the only one who had shield regeneration mode yesterday and the day before yesterday? I thought that game mode must take place at the end of the event

  22. Lol I loved the Austin powers reference. XD we need some Dr.evil and mr bigglesworth

  23. The health regen should be lifelines ultimate or a passive while reviving

  24. today i was playing a game and the hot zones were carrier fight night and power grid lol they are all right next to each other

  25. Imagine how crazy the Apex Games would be if all the Modes were combined into 1

  26. We need a burst mode with hemlock and prowlers everywhere

  27. How come Kandy doesn't use hit markers? Just preference or is there another reason? Just looked at a video from a week ago and he has hit markers on…weird

  28. should i main loba or watt, like for the rest of my apex careeerr, help🥲

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