NEW Vietnam War game COMING SOON! -

NEW Vietnam War game COMING SOON!

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  1. Hope they gonna Make this available on xbox

  2. Good to see the support of joysticks and Track-IR. I asked for this when Rising Storm 2: Vietnam was still in development and it fell on deaf ears. The gameplay was dumbed down from what it could have been. Please, try to develop a military simulation and not another mindless arcade game. If flying the helicopters in Burning Lands is anything like it is in ARMA3, it will be great. Flying helicopters in ARMA3 takes skill. Also, please do not listen to all the requests for a Vietnam game with BF/COD style gameplay. Skilled players want more. Please, not another dumbed down shooter with repetitive gameplay.

  3. Hoping this comes to ps5 in the future. It looks RAD!

  4. I am so damn excited. 1,000 hours later in rs2 and I’m ready for something new for my Vietnam war game loving self

  5. I could be wrong but was the grease gun also used during the Vietnam War as well. I could be wrong but I can't remember where I read it properly a book on weapons during that time but I could've sworn I saw the grease gun in a picture of weapons during the Vietnam War the grease gun was also in WW2 as well

  6. Think I speak for everybody when i say this looks like the shooter/war game we've all been waiting for

    EA take note

  7. Looks good. PS5 version would be great 👍🏼

  8. So If “Hell let loose” work with you guys, this is a guaranteed winner.

  9. Fortunate Son plays in the start … In my mind …. 😅

  10. With little over 600 hours on rising storm J-RAMBO is ready to try this one out

  11. Games seems like it would be a fun but difficult one.

  12. Please be for console so we can get rod of cod

  13. Well, I'm buying it just based on this vid! But I really hope the developers remember to add the classic "Vietnam war" songs of the era. If they do that, this game will have immersion up the yin-yang!

  14. The most monotonic, boring voice I've ever heard. Just stop.

  15. Ooooft War Crimes Simulator

    Coming to a Russian computer terminal soon

  16. We need more games like this I'm tired of COD that only cares about online.

  17. Coming Soon to kickstarter, which means I will wait and see if people get scammed first.

  18. Really miss a vietnam without communist 😢

  19. I was hoping it was going to be a battlefield game not a copy again like squad

  20. Needs a Macv Sog mode. Team is inserted to for various missions and they have to get out alive. 8-12 squad on the ground. 8-12 on air support that the FAC can call in. The NVA team 8-12 in a Hunter/Killer role to track down the SOG team , with the remaining 8-12 players controlling a company/ platoon sized elements that you control”Brother in Arms” style to try overwhelm the SOG team. It’s all stealth and objective based at first, but if/ when cover gets blown it becomes a huge battle with 100s of soldiers vs air support.

  21. so essentially 'Hell Let Loose' Vietnam style /maps etc

  22. On the Wishlist. Looks like it will be great. Love the URE5 switch. Everything else using the engine is looking really nice.

  23. That's the best you can do for graphics. It looks like an old call of duty game.😅

  24. Reminds me of MAG with bigger environment and better graphics. Too bad it's not 3rd person. Looks good though.

  25. 20 people doing this on a volunteer basis without compensation? No need for me to complain about what the game doesn't have.

  26. This game can’t come soon enough, I’ve been dying for a Hell Let Loose style Vietnam game and finally someone has the balls to make it. Love it and want to support

  27. Sweet new game i havent played ArmA 3 Vietnam 2 or Rising storm yet my tower was to old and my Lab Top took a crap in 2018. I had it since 2012. My tower same time!

  28. After this we need video games focused on the Soviet Afghan War and other wars like the Chechen Wars, Yugoslav Wars, The Second Congo War, The Korean War, the current Ukraine War, and other conflicts that are never represented in video games.

  29. We need third person shooter war games. Fps games feel so generic these days

  30. you should put the name of the game in the title of the video

  31. I would love to drop some napalm on troops in this game

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