North Korea's War Games & US Seeks Border Help From Mexico | Afternoon Bulletin 12/28/23 -

North Korea’s War Games & US Seeks Border Help From Mexico | Afternoon Bulletin 12/28/23

The President’s Daily Brief
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In this episode of The PDB Afternoon Bulletin:

A look at the latest developments regarding the alarming behavior of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who appears intent on inflaming tensions with the U.S. and South Korea.

We’ll discuss Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s meeting with Mexico’s president on the U.S. border crisis, which comes as the Biden administration faces intensifying criticism from both parties for his handling of the migrant surge.
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  1. WHAT'S THE TRUTH? Krystal from Breaking Points interviewed a Jewish guy who supports a narrative that the Palestinian people are repressed people and the Jewish state historically refuses to compromise w/them. I believe I've heard you support a narrative that the Palestinians historically won't compromise. What's the truth. What's the resolution?

  2. The best defense against communist authoritarian dictatorship is to strengthen democracies from corrupting influences and nepotism. It takes an active and concerted effort of the people, to ensure that our democratically elected politicians are truly representing our interests.

    We must also address what hostile communist countries are doing, both domestically and abroad. Democratic Nations must stand together against their lawlessness in defense of global security, human rights, and enforce International Law.

    Which is why ADV chapters are popping up everywhere, and already exists on three continents. Allied Democracy Vanguard has multiple chapters in every country, and are waiting for people like you.

    People who are tired of complaining about what the CCP-PLA is doing in our countries, and actually want to do something about it.

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