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NXT Takeover: Wargames IV Recap

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This is my NXT Takeover: WarGames IV recap. I hope you all enjoy the video and leave your thoughts in the comment section. Have a great day, y’all!



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  1. After thoses retro recaps, whatcha gonna brother?!

  2. Underrated Takeover but NXT was so cold at the time so alot of this stuff flew under the radar. I wasn't a fan of Io taking the pin in Wargames, I get they wanted to build Raquel to her but an entire Wargames match full of people and you have the champion take the pin? Pat McAfee leading a heel faction in NXT was such a blink and you miss it moment.

  3. Pretty good show. This was the last hurrah for the Undisputed Era.

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