Omaha (A Roblox Action Movie) -

Omaha (A Roblox Action Movie)

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Omaha is a roblox animation recreating what happened on June 6th 1944 D-Day. This is my first big animation on. I spent months working on this. I hope you like the video.


  1. If I were in DDay and was on the allies I’d do anything to be a paratrooper instead of one of the people in the boats.

  2. if u were in that warzone u would never wanna move fast because landmines motors etc

  3. If u have watch “MY WAY” it's look like this

  4. I'm pretty sure u used the wrong uniforms for the U.S

  5. Me that’s that one mortar boi: Ight now your pill boxes are GONE FOOL annnnnnd I just plow down that ENTIRE line of fools this is based off of roblox d day so ye one mortar just dose absolute damage, but we also get targeted so me got SQUADS of people protecting mortar men so just imagine that: circle of men around one man with a mortar

  6. The nazi german army talks in german and the americans talk english niceeee

  7. You guys should play this game D day created by Vision Works

  8. Just A Random Person Who Likes To Comment says:

    Just gonna be a little critique for a sec, the film itself is amazing and is undeniably better than others, but to possibly improve your future films that might surround war, make sure that there is still ambiance before and after the battle such as distant explosions and gun fire, another way you can improve this is have real actors; sure production might be slower but it leads to a good outcome, and possibly if any of those actors are comfortable with using there own voice, you can use real time voice acting instead of what I’m assuming to be voice clips from other films, again it’s great the way it is but if you want to make it as good as possibly im always available on discord

  9. Good video but some historical inaccuracies

  10. is not hate, but in normandy there were no tanks or artillery, only submachine guns xd

  11. The bf1 german voice lines don't make sense.
    But still the animation is good

  12. The Comment section is filled with World War 2 enthusiast…

  13. Why didnt u add when the airplanes attacked first? because first the planes bomb then the parthute then the boats come.

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  15. This is a pretty nice animation, but there are some things that could be improved. For example, "real time" animation, I've realized serval times in this animation that characters reacted delayed to actions. Also, character's faces' don't change. They fit for the times that they're showed, but they don't adapt to the situations that they're presented. Also, the ambience could have had an improvement. Some voices could have been added in ambience and the voices that were in could have had been blended in together with the ambience to make it sound more smooth. Sorry if this came off as rude, it was never meant to come off like that.

  16. This is not omaha this is saving private ryan.

  17. just an little suggestion no big problem but i feel like it would be nice to have more ambience and soldiers around to make it more action film like but still i loved the excellent animation one day you be like oblivious hd and make a 1 hour long story of something like this

  18. This remembers me to "Saving Private Ryan" From 1998.

  19. Our grandparents had to fight in WW2 so that we can be gay. I salute

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