Opening Ceremony of the 8th International Army Games -

Opening Ceremony of the 8th International Army Games

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The International Army Games is the largest and most spectacular military-sport world event held between units of the participating countries’ armed forces. It is often referred to as the Combat Olympics. The upcoming event will be the eighth in a row. This year there will be teams from 22 countries, which will compete in 34 contests. The organizer of the event is the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. This year, alongside Russia 12 other countries will host “ArMI-2022” events. Follow the Games on our channel.

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  3. Where is my country Republik of Indonesia ????

  4. Ha! Russia smashed China on the track and the competition! Next time bring a Russian tank if you want to compete.

  5. Funny Videos(মজার ভিডিও) says:

    Who has the toppest Champions?

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  7. I hope US participates. This would be a great way to solve country conflicts.

  8. I don't think Russia has any tanks left from "special military operation" maybe they could ask Ukraine for some so they can participate in 2023!

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