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Operation Hydra – War Games, Wingman, Weapons Expert + More! (CS:GO)

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A new Operation has finally dropped with Hydra! This includes loads of new content and of course maps and skins.
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  1. Thanks so much for using my music again Hatton 🙂

  2. Insertion the impossible map (-________________-)

  3. and now we have to wait 2 years until the next one

  4. Insertion looks like a map from like another game

  5. im looking for people to do the guardian missions with me. lmk if youre down

  6. wait… if you dont buy the 6$ pass u connot get the case droped ingame?

  7. are the missions bugged? you can complete all of em today

  8. Alredy bought the operation, but I must admit that I dont realy like the content of the new case. and to be honest I think the USP and the five seven are the best looking skins in there 😛

  9. I'm looking for new people to play missions with people. @Hatton maybe?

  10. how do you play wingman and weapons expert?

  11. hi guyz please help how to play wingman?

  12. Ставь лося если Русский и ищешь как поиграть в режим WINGMAN мм 2 на 2

  13. bought it last night, looking forward for the drops

  14. can You play wingman and The scout thing after september if you have bought the operation?

  15. Holy shit, been away for a while had no idea this existed. Valve stepping up its game.

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