Partizan 2022 Show Report | Storm of Steel Wargaming -

Partizan 2022 Show Report | Storm of Steel Wargaming

Storm of Steel Wargaming
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I’m sorry but I missed a number of games, if you are not included, I apologise!

0:00 Games
2:54 James Morris :Midgard: Interview
7:03 Games
11:05 Simon Miller For King and Parliament Interview
13:04 Games
16:42 Henry Hyde Wargaming Campaigns Interview
21:15 Games
24:23 Shaun Byrant Tribute to Ian Smith Interview
27:54 Games
29:13 Richard Phillips Cold War Commanders Interview
31:57 Games
34:46 Thanks List

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  1. Many thanks indeed for posting this Alex. As you know I couldn't attend so it's great to see some the games being played. I liked the way you intersected interviews/chats with video. Some fantastic tables there with superb models, buildings and terrain. TY N

  2. Great video Alex. The interviews work really well between the pictures.

  3. The sad thing,historical wargames is mainly marure people,needs an influx of youth

  4. Awesome work Alex. I have to live vicariously through these vids as I live in the states.

  5. Such effort deserves attention and admiration…

  6. Thanks for taking trouble of recording a great show. No chance I could attend so thanks again.

  7. Thanks, I visited the show and your vid is a great re-cap of the day, I will come back to this a few times as I enjoyed the show so much.

  8. Pretty overview. Thank you for letting us participate.

  9. I looked forward to your recap of Partizan 2022. As Andrew Franke mentioned, we gamers stateside do enjoy and admire the shows on the other side of the pond. Most times we see a few pixs in magazines. Your video shows the enjoyment and the dedication of the hobbiests as well as the health and welfare of our hobby itself. Thanks to journalists like yourself, we are included. Well done, Alex!

  10. it was a stand out show this year, and a great Video Alex!

  11. as always fantastic video, thanks for letting us see those marvels!

  12. Fantastic eye candy on the tables and some great interviews — Midgard sounds interesting, and a Henry Hyde campaign book should be an instant classic. I can’t think of a better tribute to Ian Smith than that incredible table full of castles, ships, and regiments.

  13. Thanks for including our game of Wilson's Creek. Great to see you again.

  14. Great to finally meet you in person Alex. Some great video footage of our Cold War Commander game and a great report highlighting the impressive tables that you always see at Partizan.

  15. nice show and report , thank god not a horrible turnip in sight….

  16. Thanks for this …I really have to figure out how to get there next time.

  17. This video needs to come with a wallet health warning. So much wonderful stuff. Thanks for documenting it for those of us who couldn't make it.

  18. 10:20 Wow the Battle of Dorking! Would love to know 'went the day well?' As a solo war-gamer I keep on meaning to get around to fighting this campaign. Thanks for showing this and giving me the inspiration……

  19. Shaun Byrant started 1st corp with my uncle Rob. He fucked him over but my uncle is also a cunt so im not even sure where i stand. RIP Ian Smith xx

  20. Another wonderful show report Alex. some wonderful looking games there and some great interviews. I will try to get to the next big southern show

  21. Excellent looking games and great interviews

  22. everything looked amazing, especially the tribute to Ian. God Bless him!

  23. A great looking convention. A great turnout also!

  24. Looked like a great show.
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Partizan is the best of all the shows in my opinion – but living where I do it is years between visits. So a huge thanks for the effort taken in shooting the video and then putting that together. Thank you. Richard

  26. Lovely coverage ! So many great wargames !!! Thank you for showing and top note for the interviews !

  27. This was great, so many awesome looking games, I'll make it one day.

  28. Many Thanks Alex for sharing this video,
    Never got to Partizan but remember photos in Wargames Illustrated back in the day. What a fantastic array of games, truly inspirational!! Thanks again👍

  29. Good to see you there Alex, thanks for filming my crotch…..

  30. Alex, thank you so much for including me in your great video coverage of the show, much appreciated. It was a grand day out and wonderful to see so many old friends and lovely games.

  31. Great visual report, easy flow and engaging. Loved the talking heads appearing to explain about their display or part in the show.

  32. Great report mate well put together ! Nice to meet you to.

  33. Awesome.

    Also TooFatLardies tables are instantly recognisable by the fact that every house has at least one greenhouse/shed. 😆

  34. Awesome looking games a real treat for the eyes 👍

  35. Nice report. You did the one thing most don't – showed us who, what and what rules. Many thanks for catching up with Henry, it was good to see him out and about and quite chipper.

  36. A very interesting review. Thanks for putting it together.

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