Partizan Wargames Show 2021 -

Partizan Wargames Show 2021

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We give you a tour of the boatload of games at the Partizan Wargames Show 2021.

From the Barron’s War to the Battle of Deeg, WW2 Germany to Vikings on Lindisfarne, the Seven Years’ War to the Battle of Blairen, and a whole load more. This is major eye candy. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for your army. And river….

  2. Wow, the cavalry at the end was extremely well-painted!

  3. Not many bothering to wear non-madatory masks. Hope everyone still fine. Good show too.

  4. Wow spectacular. Congrats to all the builders. There's some top level talent and dedication on show there.

  5. Awesomw vistas. Always my favourite show and looking at the tables i wonder with the advent of 3d printing soon all of our tables will improve and look spectacular.

  6. Where did the castle walls in the first two games come from?

  7. Some very good footage of some gorgeous tables. I like them all, but that 40mm SYW table is particularly stunning considering the large size of all those buildings, fortifications, and ships.

  8. Spectacular indeed. The focus seems to be to show off the figures & terrain as to the game itself. Well done to all involved

  9. Some really stunning tables

  10. Thanks for putting this up – a good record of a great show and some truly tremendous games. I was there on the day and it was mentioned by few people that it was a bit of a shame that a few of the 'games' didn't have much or indeed any gaming going on. But one has to assume they were gamed outside of the show setting. Congratulations to all the award winners.

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