Partizan Wargames Show Newark 22 May 2022 -

Partizan Wargames Show Newark 22 May 2022

The Great Mim
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As I decided to go to the Partizan Wargames Show, at Newark, I thought I may as well capture a few of the games, stalls and atmosphere. I’ve not been to one of these shows before so I was interested to see all that’s on offer. I knew from reading about the show that their might not be many Bolt Action games on, but none the less I love the various scenery and styles of gameplay. I can’t say I’m not tempted by some of the various historical wargames going on, some of them looked amazing, but WWII is my particular favourite at the moment.
I haven’t tried to throw a commentary on the video, I thought you’d just like to sample the atmosphere on offer. Sorry for the shaky camera work😉


  1. I’ve never been to one either. Thanks for the look, friend!

  2. Great video! One of these years I hope to make over to the UK for a show.

  3. This is an invaluable video! Great research and exposure to the games. Thanks for posting. This is great stuff!!!

  4. Loving this video! Would love to go to an event like this for a mooch around. Can you remember what the game at around 13:30 in the video is? The one with the helicopters? Would like a modern game to try sometime. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. Quite overwhelming! Glad you showed some of the traders and what they had on offer.

  6. Great video, thanks for sharing! Really captured the event. Large screen viewing recommended!

  7. Thanks for sharing and nicely done 👍🏻😊

  8. Absolutely superb. Thank you kindly for recording without personal commentary.

  9. Thanks for that – great tour of the show. I’m very curious to know what some of those games being played were – maybe next time you can give us a beat or two on the various placards. Now more importantly, did you get to play in any of these games? If not did you do any shopping? 😉

    Thanks again.

  10. I am so pleased I finally got to this video; that looked like an absolutely cracking show; it was awesome to watch and it felt like actually being there, immersed in the joy and fun going on. Thanks so much for putting this together, and particularly for the Wild West close-ups… They were cool!

    What I want to know is, did you end up buying anything awesome? Or is that the next video? 😀

  11. Great video, gives a really good flavour of the show. Nicely done sir!

  12. I finally got to watch this video and it really shows a whole lot more than what I thought it would. I wish there was one locally to me as I would be spending a whole day at it. So many different games going on and watching all the different pieces in the video amazes me. Thank you so much for posting this video because it gives me ideas for future projects.

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