Pat McAfee Talks His WWE WarGames Experience, And Potential Injuries -

Pat McAfee Talks His WWE WarGames Experience, And Potential Injuries

The Pat McAfee Show
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We went to WAR (Games) out there…

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.

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  1. Pat mcafee has made me want to watch wwe again

  2. Undisputed Era will put them down again lol but that battle was incredible

  3. Brutal Swanton bomb bump for your second ever match. Timing must’ve been off or something, guys botched the catch

  4. This really is the best sports show out there, and show in general haha I love what you and boys got going on Pat thank you! AJ kills it everyday, love the guests and all the crew!!

  5. Say Whatchall guys want about Pat, but you gotta give credit where it’s due, because you would’ve never expected for him to pull off those amazing moves at Wargames, he has my respect!!

  6. So does Pat try to maintain kayfabe on the show? Or…idek

  7. Why are people like Rob Gronkowski and Paul Heyman listed on the WWE website as WWE "Superstars" but Pat is not? Pat can wrestle circles around Gronk. Does Pat need to take the 24/7 title to get on that list?

  8. Yeah Pat, walk it off bro. You're too handsome to let some neck brace ruin your mojo.

  9. Pat, I hope you feel better my man. But You look 10x funnier in that thing

  10. Pat earned my respect Sunday…. He's better than half the roster now a days

  11. That women’s War Games match was botchamania submission

  12. Absolutely outstanding match at war games !!!

  13. God I love watching undisputed era beat his team!!!

  14. Pat, not sure if you'll actually see this but you put on a hell of a performance at Wargames and have earned my respect and appreciation

  15. He's lucky hes not in a Wheelchair for life!!!

  16. That swanton bomb Pat did he actually landed pretty hard lol

  17. Pat “ I can’t play in the NFL it was too bad for my body.”
    Also pat gets thrown through a table for fun now

  18. Dude can you imagine how sore you would be after a normal match let alone a war games style match. Not saying he's actually hurt but I'm sure he's hurting that's for sure lol

  19. This has to be the funniest podcast I’ve heard

  20. Whether people like you or not, they need to give credit where credit is due. I sure as hell didn't expect you to swanton off the top of the cage, or perform a picture perfect moonsault.

  21. Good job staying in character Pat but I don’t think Aj is buying.

  22. Watching pat and his crew get whooped on started to look like a drunk father beating up on the kids.

  23. Next we gone to see AJ the killer Vs Pat the neck brace For the WWE title.

  24. Honestly you need a contract if you don’t have one already, Roman reigns faked cancer and kemo therapy and came back not ever a year later with no weight nor hair loss lmao you’re the best wrestler.

  25. Don’t see how any of this gets us any closer to an indoor facility in Cincinnati !

  26. Can,t believe he didn't get himself paralyzed. Not a smart move Pat!

  27. Pat should be WWE's number 1 TV announcer, I can listen to him all days and all nights!

  28. At least he’s selling… how this guy knows to sell better than the most of the league?

  29. If only more wrestlers cared about the business like this guy it wouldn't be as dead in the water as it is now. Thank you McAfee, you have so much respect for the business… it warms my heart ❤❤

  30. You were awesome Pat. That moonsault was sick asf

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