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Popularity of Total War Games Over Time (2008-2020, by Daily Peak Steam Players)

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Timelapse graph of the top Total War titles over time, as measured by the daily peak number of players on Steam, from 2008 to May 2020. Includes timeline of game and DLC releases and a few select popular mods.

The data before May 2015 is a bit patchy in places (hence numbers freezing at their last known value from time to time) but still mostly usable. The release timeline probably isn’t perfect either – I haven’t got round to playing a lot of these games and mods but did my best.

Elder Scrolls & Fallout series version:

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TIMESTAMPS (Major Releases)

00:00 – Beginning
00:05 – Empire
00:18 – Napoleon
00:47 – Shogun 2
01:35 – Fall of the Samurai (Shogun 2)
02:50 – Rome II
04:17 – Attila
05:41 – Warhammer I
06:49 – Warhammer II
07:29 – Saga: Thrones of Britannia
08:41 – Three Kingdoms


Medieval 2: Total War soundtrack by Jeff van Dyck (“Destiny”, “War of Kings”, “Duke of Death”).

Steam daily user data from SteamDB (). Data visualisation by me using Flourish ().


  1. Fantasy games are way better than historical ones, not my opinion but the video says it all

  2. That many people played Empire??? I thought Shogun 2 was the hot one

  3. Empire is very great since many of total war game doesn’t have epic naval battle like empire

  4. After Mandalore's video went viral, Warhammer II (which went on sale a month later) received it's largest popularity spike ever, that's really cool, it's such a good game.

  5. Total war warhammer is dominating the player base and has lots of players playing the game.

  6. rome total war 2 reigning for some time ….
    warhammer enters the chat
    epic battle between warhammer and rome 2
    warhammer 2 enters the chat
    u never had a chance
    it's hard to go back to normal titles after warhammer but Damn I want the duels from 3k the diplomacy and get the battle maps from troy. I'm wondering how much fundamentals they will or can change with WH3 coming. I mean changing those would mean changing WH and WH2 as well

  7. Shogun 2's really went ballistic after de free week

  8. If CA has eyes that see the sky blue and tree leaves green, they can see it's time for a Medieval 3.

  9. Empire paved the way for a new generation of historical total war titles. I think it's only fitting for an Empire 2 to do the same.

  10. First played RomeII, came back to the franchise for the three kingdoms and discovered the WHII in the process, and now Im stuck forever.

  11. I just bought attila as my first total game. Fun for sure but maybe I shoulda went for rome 2

  12. I really enjoyed most of the historical TW titles. Games like Rome I, Medieval 2 and Empire are amazing and I loved that they have such a long lifespan. Can't wait for Medieval 3 and Empire 2. I also enjoy Attila, even some people don't like it. It's a very unique TW, about survival, not empire building.

    Completely understandable about ToB. Yeah, Vikings are cool, but they went to a lot of other places, some way more interesting than Great Britain and Ireland. If they wanted a Vikings game, start in Scandinavia and then move to France, Spain, the Mediterranean, Iceland, Kievan Rus, Constantinople, the Caucasus, Caspian Sea, etc. And the land = loyalty system is awful.

  13. Empire is the daddy!! Bring empire 2 out for god sake SEGA!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  14. Empire 2 Total War should be the next obvious historical game. Sword and shield combat has been done to death

  15. Medieval 3 with Attila's dark and depressive atmosphere. A fuckin masterpiece

  16. please do another one when warhammer 3 comes out

  17. Medieval 2: no u
    Rome: no u
    Medieval 2: no u
    Rome: no u

  18. Literally every game released is a hype and then it dies down. Tells you something about CA.

  19. Thanks for this, hope you make another one with warhammer 3!

  20. Remember about modding comunity and their work.

  21. also known as the moral decline of Creative Assembly


  23. Damn, 170K max players of all time (3 Kingdoms) is kinda nothing. How can Creative Assembly make money with these low numbers?

  24. Who is trying to calculate how much money this company makes … ?

  25. No wonder they keep bringing out DLC for WH2

  26. Give me more „historical“ total wars or the past historicals remastered… i hate warhammer! 🙁

  27. the sheer jump in players of rome 2's launch shows the true player numbers of rome and med2


  29. Remember, Rome and Medieval II's numbers are artificially reduced, particularly in the early to middle portion, because their starting player base got it with CD's and installed through GameSpy, not converting to Steam until we found that we couldn't install it the other way anymore. Even now, I know of players who still use their CD installs.

  30. Can you du an update till today? I wanna see the impakt of Rome Remastered.

  31. Atilla? U mean overglorified dlc to rome II?

    Well atleast those arent warhammer dlcs.

    Hunter and the beast was so fucking bad they didnt even include it.

  32. Interesting how enduring popular Rome2 is despite how much people trash it.

  33. Medieval 2 still going strong thanks to the third age Dac mod. medieval 2 will forever be the best.

  34. You gonna update this for once Total war 3 is out?

  35. i've heard so much hate over warhammer yet it seems to be very popular i thought it was a good breath of fresh air

    "ugh fantasy they should do history games" but we have had so many and only history games why not make a fantasy game or two (or three)

    "well creative assembly is known to make history games" yes but they also have an addictive artstyle and good combination of strategy wasted potential not to make a fantasy game or the likes

    "game wont sell well its a waste of time and money" okay mr. president of the world

    common arguments when warhammer was going to come out

    i like their history games i played alot of them but at a certain point all units feel all…samey they all look alike copypaste but with different colors

  36. Literally We see a roman guy fighting a german guy with hammer

  37. I like how it just spikes up and down on the weekends.


    CA: Sup guys, new Warhammer!

  39. 10:10 what the hell happened? how did shogun 2 get that many players all of a sudden?

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