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Popularity of Total War Games Over Time (2008-2020, by Daily Peak Steam Players)

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Timelapse graph of the top Total War titles over time, as measured by the daily peak number of players on Steam, from 2008 to May 2020. Includes timeline of game and DLC releases and a few select popular mods.

The data before May 2015 is a bit patchy in places (hence numbers freezing at their last known value from time to time) but still mostly usable. The release timeline probably isn’t perfect either – I haven’t got round to playing a lot of these games and mods but did my best.

Elder Scrolls & Fallout series version:

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TIMESTAMPS (Major Releases)

00:00 – Beginning
00:05 – Empire
00:18 – Napoleon
00:47 – Shogun 2
01:35 – Fall of the Samurai (Shogun 2)
02:50 – Rome II
04:17 – Attila
05:41 – Warhammer I
06:49 – Warhammer II
07:29 – Saga: Thrones of Britannia
08:41 – Three Kingdoms


Medieval 2: Total War soundtrack by Jeff van Dyck (“Destiny”, “War of Kings”, “Duke of Death”).

Steam daily user data from SteamDB (). Data visualisation by me using Flourish ().


  1. I want WW2 Total War, or WW1 Total War

  2. Total war. MEDIEVAL 2. Total war. ATILLA💪

  3. Rome 2 actually did surpirsingly well considering the state it launched

  4. Troy was free,i think it would peak at over million

  5. Left out : Medieval 1 and shogun 1 but whatever .

  6. Love how when Warhammer enters the scene, everything changed.

  7. ma sweet medieval 2 <3

    each new total war game was like: hello motherfucker!! (except thrones of brittania)

  8. – Three kingdoms overtake Warhammer 2
    – "this action does not have my consent !"
    – immidiately drop back

  9. And this is why warhammer 2 has ruined the series haha

  10. DEI and mods kept Rome 2 afloat lol. You see it surge with DEI release.

  11. If you enter your old disc codes for Rome and Medieval 2 onto steam you get a free steam copy of the game (not sure about Rome but the steam medieval 2 version is a lot more stable for modding than the disc)

  12. At the times of Rome total war and Medieval 2 like those two games were considered not popular. Like it was the niche type game that the crazies loved. Including myself off course. And I remember tons of people shitting on Empire total war and that it was bad, now seeing so many people still played it is crazy and news to me.
    Not surprised Rome 1 tanked, biggest failure of the series but people were like "God damn it I spent 60 bucks on this game and Im gonna get my money's worth" . And by the looks of the future of Total War franchise its a lot of hype, free keys for streamers, lots of advertising, 1 week of binge playing and thennnn dead new games that brings back like a few 1000 people every time the 10 DLC's come out for the game.

  13. We need Total war Game of Thrones
    Total war Modern World
    Medieval 3 and expension
    Davit Builder
    Total war LOTR

  14. Maybe have the x-axis not move all the time lol

  15. This is very scewed, because people had all these games on CD, not on steam.

  16. Always funny to hear everywhere that TW is declining when each new game of the serie bring more and more player 😎

  17. Yes! I was hoping 3K would crash. Love that it crashed. Such a horrible game.

  18. Interesting. Historical TW games are unmatched when they come out, Rome II for all its flaws had a higher daily steam player count than TW:W1 ever had and 3 kingdoms broke the damn scale, but the Warhammer games have higher staying power (in that they average to a much higher player base after the initial hype died down, 15 years old TW games still having 4-6k players in 2020 is damn impressive). Basically after the initial hype a lot of TW players go back to playing their favorite entry in the franchise, dispersing the player base. While TW:W2 players have nowhere to go. Warhammer Dark Omen, the closest thing to a TW:W game was over 20 years ago, there is literally no other option for these players but to go for TW:W2. TW:W2 also does not really compete with other Total War entries, TW:W1 had a higher peak than TW:W2 and I believe that was normal TW players checking out the new game, finding that it wasn't for them and returning to their favorite entry while Warhammer lovers, again, are limited to one game in the whole wide world. Even GW shafted the setting they loved. So it's about 50k TW players and 30k Warhammer refugees.

  19. Everyone telling about Empire 2
    but nobody is gonna say how popular was Rome 2, even that it haves a lot of bad opinions in his launch?

  20. Shocked the daily play numbers are so low, I have over 1000 hours on nearly all of these games.

  21. Medieval total war 2 is the greatest game of all time

  22. If Warhammer 2 gets one more dlc in 2021, I bet that we get Empire 2 in 2021 and Warhammer 3 in 2022.

  23. empire resisted time,

    empire 2 or ww1 would be beautiful

  24. if there was steam back whem mtw2 and rtw were realised, then they would be constantly first 2

  25. in terms of multiplayer, line infantry era is the best

  26. Medieval II and Empire are very old but still very popular… but now sequels are needed and they must be worthy of their predecessors!

  27. really liked this horse race … i cheered on Empire II, an old horse, but who did a great race (now i'm waiting for a successor)

  28. Why do so many people feel an urge to play the game on day 1 of it's release?

  29. I can't look at the Rome Total War logo without hearing: "aTtAcK!" in my head and not thinking about his mouth being enlarged! 😀

  30. This only shows how Warhammer DLCs have so much more value than any other ones.

  31. Empire wow, way to stay around huh? Lol everyone was bitching again Med 3 and Empire guys are content?

  32. The new boss is coming warhammer total war 3 👍

  33. Total Warhammer 3: You can't beat me…
    Total War Medieval 2: I know… But he can.
    Total War Medieval 3 shows up

  34. Just go to show how great of a game med 2 is. He modding comunity is active and a lot of people play it. If your looking for the best strategie game here you have it

  35. Warhammer got games back to back, and Rome, empire and medieval still stayed strong even though they are very old. Imagine how long will and Empire II or medieval III game dominate!

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