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Popularity of Total War Games Over Time (2008-2020, by Daily Peak Steam Players)

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Timelapse graph of the top Total War titles over time, as measured by the daily peak number of players on Steam, from 2008 to May 2020. Includes timeline of game and DLC releases and a few select popular mods.

The data before May 2015 is a bit patchy in places (hence numbers freezing at their last known value from time to time) but still mostly usable. The release timeline probably isn’t perfect either – I haven’t got round to playing a lot of these games and mods but did my best.

Elder Scrolls & Fallout series version:

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TIMESTAMPS (Major Releases)

00:00 – Beginning
00:05 – Empire
00:18 – Napoleon
00:47 – Shogun 2
01:35 – Fall of the Samurai (Shogun 2)
02:50 – Rome II
04:17 – Attila
05:41 – Warhammer I
06:49 – Warhammer II
07:29 – Saga: Thrones of Britannia
08:41 – Three Kingdoms


Medieval 2: Total War soundtrack by Jeff van Dyck (“Destiny”, “War of Kings”, “Duke of Death”).

Steam daily user data from SteamDB (). Data visualisation by me using Flourish ().


  1. Total War Rome II: damn i'm a best populer game

    Total War WARHAMMER Series: Bonjour

  2. Thrones of Brittania and Total war battles kingdoms are a joke in terms of staying power and player numbers. As they should be.

    Just goes to tell in terms of Total war battles kingdoms, most of the total war player base don't really want a "live service game".

  3. I'm one of the guys keep playing medieval 2 because it was my first strategy game ❤️

  4. I absolutely hate the Warhammer games and this video offends me

  5. I always enjoy EMPIRE total war I found it was my second best total war game after medivel 2 of course

  6. Wow it was pretty sad to see Rome: Total War scraping the bottom of the barrel for crumbs the whole time while everyone else stood on its shoulders

  7. Man. Fuck the Warhammer titles. I get why they're popular, but fuck em. Their stupidly broken heroes that can singlehandedly conquer the world five times over.

    Shogun 2. Now that's a game. That's the patrician game.

  8. Empire is the only historical one that i really enjoyed. Can totally understand its resilliance there

  9. I would love to see a modern total war game. Simulating todays world war.

    Also, to close the warhammer series a third and final game would be awesome to have. Its a third game, but its the last piece of puzzle.

    After that, they can (re)release all the historic games, the variability between factions in WH is unbeatable.

  10. Medieval 2 and Warhammer 2 have three times more playtime than the rest together. WH2 sitting at the top with 280hr gap.

  11. Je serais curieux de voir l'évolution de Troy maintenant qu'il est sorti, c'est mon tout 1er Total War et je le trouve vraiment génialissime ! J'ai hâte de découvrir les autres, le Shogun 2 et Three Kingdoms me plaisent, j'aime beaucoup l'époque et le style asiatique Samouraï tout ça. Rome 2 également vu que c'est proche de Troy en terme d'armée et de style, je suis sûr d'aimer. J'ai du mal à comprendre certaines critiques autour de Troy d'ailleurs, hormis le côté esthétique (c'est purement second plan pour juger un jeu) je vois pas trop quoi lui reprocher, faudrait que je compare avec d'autres TW pour comprendre…

  12. i enjoyed playing medieval 2 the most. As an Asian, I didnt know how
    important religions were to europeans and middle easterns/north Africans
    because to me, religion is nothing more than a cultural thing. I think
    the crusade/jihad mechanics was kinda cool and unique. I learned a bit
    of history from that game

  13. empire is by far my fav the combat was the best in my opinion out of the tw

  14. The best games: Rome 1 and Medieval 2. We need a Empire 2 and Medieval 3

  15. Нащо я це дивився?))) Але вражає Рим І, у якого завжди 1,5 к)

  16. My favorite parts are total var EMPIRE and ROME 2 😎 I'm really looking forward to EMPIRE 2 !!!😍

  17. Napoleon: I am thy Lord
    Medieval 2: Harvestin' Season?
    Shogun: And thou art my vassal, Napoleon
    Napoleon: Shamefur display!
    Third age enters the room
    Medieval 2: Bye scrubs, should have had proper mod support
    Empire: Thou still bow to- Wait, wtf happened
    Attila: Hahaha, thou art weaker than this pathetic 2006 game!
    Medieval 2: Take another gander, good sir.
    Attila: What?!
    Warhammer: What sorcery is this?!
    Britannia enters the room
    Britannia: hey gu—
    Britannia leaves the room
    Medieval 2: The ancient spell of MOD SUPPORT

  18. Medieval 2 Is and will be the best total War ever made, it's sad that CA can't create a game like that again. With an updated UI, controls that total War would be even more popular today lol

  19. This learned us something
    Rome 2 was amazing and I hope if they make a new one they improve greatly on it and add way more as even today it is a classic
    Warhammer is good but grinding it will not be good for the overall franc
    3 kingdoms did a lot of awesome stuff and people like it
    Britiannia sucked ass
    Atilla was a worse version of Rome 2 that fell out of love with fans
    and lastly Shogun 2 and Medival 2 should both get a 3rd together with Rome thank you and please

  20. TW Youtuber: Empire and Rome2 are the worst!!! Now I can rest cz I'm not the only fans of those two.

  21. Anything to be said about this, its Empire total war still a top boy after all these years please make a empire 2 / victoria total war and with troy new colonise features you could easy make a world map and scramble for africa leading up to 1914 even making a stand alone ww1 total war after as they did with napoleon

  22. Medieval 2 anf Shogun 2 still thr best for me <3

  23. The best part of the video was the 5 year long feud between Rome Total War and Napoleon Total War.

  24. I donno but for me empire is the best totalwar ever

  25. Never played a one, definitely want too tho. May need to on Android lol i don't have a pc but want one soon

  26. More than an empire 2 total war, we need a ww1 total war

  27. The Shogun in the end lol… cous it was free

  28. Empire is the shittiest one. Conclusion:
    People like eating shit.

  29. I don't care what anyone says Empire Total War was epic! need part 2

  30. Legitimately amazed Napoleon did so badly. It's always been one of my favourites in the franchise.

  31. Wtf happened in 29 april 2020? why shogun got so popular in one moment? Free weekend on steam or something?

  32. Maybe the mod of third age save medieval 2 in time ?

  33. This might be a good idea to determine which TW game is best/worst for newbies to the TW Series

  34. Medieval like Messi and cr7 more than 10 years and continues ❤️

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