POV: The Russians are Invading My Home - 800 Player Airsoft / 40 Hour Military Simulation! - nzwargamer.net

POV: The Russians are Invading My Home – 800 Player Airsoft / 40 Hour Military Simulation!

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The MSW Guardian Center LMG Mayhem Experience! – 800 Player Airsoft / 40 Hour Milsim

Day / Night Airsoft Gameplay + Funny Moments From Milsim West Guardian Center Game 2021

Founded in 2012 MilSim West is a national level war-games event that offers a 40 hour experience with combat veterans as cadre. integrating current and prior-service military members into the players chain of command to give participants a truly unique and exciting milsim experience not found anywhere else.

The Guardian Center is a state of the art facility, normally used for various types of First responder/ military/ law enforcement, disaster training featuring over 830 Acres of dynamic environments ranging simulated subway tunnels, crashed buildings, multi story buildings, simulated flood planes and much more!

Location- Guardian Centers – Training Facility- Perry Georgia – United States of America

Event Host – Milsimwest

Great Recent Video About Milsim West From Vice News If your looking to know more

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  1. @AIRSOFT JOHN faz um react desse vídeo , tá muito tope esse jogo.

  2. How is everybody ignoring that there are rifles wit real muzzle flash?! How does this work anyway? Neven seen this before. Awesome! And honestly one of (if not the) best airsoft videos I've ever seen. Must have been an awesome weekend. Wish I could go some time. But here in Austria something like that doesn't exist.

  3. How is the guy getting gunshot sounds and flashes out of his airsoft gun? I’m sure GBBRs aren’t that crazy lol

  4. “Escape from Russia”
    airsoft war edition
    Coming on December 26th, 2022
    Rated M for mature

    Airsoft Alfonse co. Ltd

  5. I’ve never seen memes with airsoft it’s great btw if you hit some on you should play the gulag sound

  6. What is the sad music at 10:40 from? It’s so familiar but I can’t remember

  7. May all the political issues of the future be settled with large scale airsoft battles only. It will be so much better.
    These videos are way better comedy than anything hollyuud has done in the past years.

  8. Just think if someone let out a big stinky fart in that safety meeting. Lol

  9. What if this actually is a ongoing war right now. I bet hit hit hit hit hit hit hit then high five

  10. En la miniatura el barrett mas parece a la rytec amr

  11. Yes my kinda airsoft were speed soft gets you killed instantly

  12. The americans have a better time than us Latin Americans :<

  13. that nade through the window was fucking epic. and it was his first try too

  14. I thought I was tripping when i was hearing odst soundtrack.

  15. why cant we just play normally in a medium room, not trying to feel like a real military person

  16. He tossed that nade in there like 💥yas💥

  17. i really hope every ''men'' in this video is now fighting for freedom in ukraine

  18. Ironic that the Russians were red/orange team. But the sad music at the end was the icing on the cake lol

    Also the ODST music is just 🤌🏻

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